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  1. Mine does that as well, but have no problems with it sticking, like above post i feel that means eeverything is properly in place...
  2. Attention WE users: I am working on a project with a fellow machinist to start producing some higher quality reinforced parts for the WE gbbr series. In order for this project to get started we really need your input, ideas, and support. As of right now we have a slightly modified and stronger metal part #59 for the m4 based trigger units all laid out , but we need your interest to finally get it going and for these high end pieces to start being produced. Please PM me if you would be interested in such a part . Also please post or PM me with other parts you WE users would like to be mad
  3. Does anyone know if the Surefire m951/2 or m961/2 are a part of the Sopmod Block II or have they been phased out?
  4. no aeg hop-up unit, just and AEG barrel modded, which is actually quite easy to mod to fit the WE All you need to do is saw off the extra end of the barrel that would usually go inside the AEG body and than just put 2 posts on the sides of it that fit into the WE body and the WE hop-up unit/ brass housing. Just take apart your WE barrel and put it next to an AEG barrel, and you can prob figure out the rest from their.
  5. Its still a WE just not from WETTi directely I think...
  6. yeah evike got 1 of the early US shipments of WE m4s that ended up having a lot of problems unlike the later WE m4s.
  7. the hop up/ inner barrel is fairly easy to dissassemble, but you can't really do much to the hop-up itself, due to its design to help much. I have shaved some of the nubbs- tried using AEG buckings and nothing has worked out to well.
  8. Can't wait to hear what the results of the new unit are
  9. After a lot of work messing with the new barrel/hop-up I am very pleased with its results. I sadly ran out of .28s so I had to use .2s. With the hop up turned down to the lowest setting the bbs still arc up quite a bit, but at 80-85 I was able to hit a 15X15inch target 8 out of 10 times! I can't even imagine what it will be shooting like with .3s.
  10. I have heard of two seperate cases aswell in the Pacific Northwest U.S., Mags were left in the back of a car if I remember correctly...
  11. If you take apart the WE outer barrel and look at it next to the AEG barrel you will notice that the AEG barrel has has about an extra inch and a half of metal that would normally fit into an AEG body, the WE just has two prongs that stick out at the end that lock into the body. To get the AEG barrel to fit simply chop off all the "extra" metal that would normally go into the AEG body. Now the two barrels should look almost identical except for the two missing prongs on the AEG barrel. You will have to make your own prongs, best way probably being to buy two very small screws that are the same
  12. Anyone seen this yet: http://airsoftglobal.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=9476
  13. For anyone who is interested, I successfully modded a King Arms AEG m4 barrel to the WE m4 All I had to do was chop off the extra part of the barrel that usually goes into the AEG body, and then I just did a little JB weld to make the two small prongs that the WE barrel has. Even without the two prongs the barrel fit after chopping off the front metal, I was just worried the barrel would loosen faster without the prongs, so I added them just incase. I will try to get some pics up later in the week if anyone is interesed.
  14. Otto did you have to make any "major" adjustments to get the new hop-up to work out, or was the the tinkering around just finding the correct rubber and the perfect position of the hop up wheel?
  15. Can't wait for the new barrel results, but I am a little dissapointed with the "quality control" you guys are seeing. Hopefully everything willbe A ok when we see some extremely accurate tests 2morrow .
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