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  1. The gas ones are from www.uncompany.com , I think. And "a bit" modified to SOPMOD. There was a thread from the owner.
  2. Vietnam AS event. M14s of my squad.
  3. Real heatshields are plastic, although very hard and realsteel will fit as was said. Also G&P produce brown heatshield.
  4. To disassemble TM M14. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=41887
  5. Maybe as a Philippine New Peoples Army:))) You can put together US NAVY SEALs look from the beginning of 80´s. It is not expensive
  6. If you know Different´s website about our loved M14, there is in Commercial M14 photo gallery picture of M14 SOPMOD with M203. It doesn´t look so strange although I like the most the classical GI wooden type. I did not like the look of SOPMOD but once I have seen a photo of someone´s (I think Oikoik´s) and was hit. I would like to buy this modification and start a collection of M14s:)))
  7. wow, that woody wood is amazing
  8. Mine is two year old Airsoftclub version. It´s just full auto and w/o safety...but never mind, I would not change it for TM or G&G.
  9. Couple of photos of the best rifle ever made for the subforum first side placement:)
  10. A partial list of foreign governments that have received M14 rifles from the United States includes Argentina, Belize, Chad, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Greece, Haiti, Israel, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Turkey. Some examples of such transfers are as follows: Nation Amount Year(s) Transfer Method Cost If Available Belize 15 1995 EDA $828.00 Chile 12 1995 EDA $662.00 Colombia 10,000 1990-92 FMS Estonia 40,500 1998 EDA Free Israel 35,000 1973 Free Latvia 10,000 1996 EDA Free Lithuania 40,000 1998 EDA Free Philippines
  11. Yes, I forgot, you have mentioned this once here. I have a problem with memory Because I do impression of USMC Force Recon in Vietnam, scopes are out of question but in future I would like to put together some modern stuff with M14 SOPMOD. I did not like it before but after seeing some pictures here I got lost and need one:)
  12. Damn, but thank´s. Decision was made:) but I will rather chech it myself. That would mean that I will have to cry because of G&G functional bolt lock. Or http://dentrinityshop.com/den_search.jsp?s...M14&pg=4&rpp=10 Does anybody have some experience with this? MBL4006 - second down
  13. I think, it´s time for another M14 picture. My old but damn reliable ASC M14 with two of six magazines. I plan to buy TM or G&G M14 but when I finally find out which one of them has the correct paramatres.
  14. Oh sorry Blastyman, I didn´t want to offence you, I just used my English in a wrong way, I just wanted to say that it would look more historically realistic.
  15. Just a little note Blastyman to your wood M14 - change the black handguard for brown one, the black is awful and not right with wood, I don´t understand why Marui made it black. Except this, the wood job is perfect.
  16. Both are airsoft guns. M14 is from Airsoft Club and magazines are low-caps. In the second picture you can see my SEAL friend´s Stoner M63.
  17. These are my rifles, there are many like these but these two are mine......
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