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  1. Maybe, it would help endless n00b pestering though, what am bestest gun?
  2. Why don't when people fill in the form to say what guns they have fill in tick boxes which goes to a database so then n00bs can ask for info off only the people with the guns, just a thought really derived from all the talk that only 2 arnies members have an ICS m16a3. J.
  3. Are CA realeasing a Olive Drab Military version? J.
  4. HA! I thought he looked like him too!
  5. What vest is that mate, tell me and ill rep you! J.
  6. I need the parts list, a bucket to drool into and your address please. God that is the best pistol i have ever seen! J.
  7. Yep, i agree, much more tactical. Also Silent scope that pistol is beast! J.
  8. Maybe the mods should check out some of the new users, their sigs are huge, way, way over the limit.
  9. Nice mp5 as well, is it a 3 point sling?
  10. Get a rail mount for the eotech onto the carry handle and its be perfect! J.
  11. Meh...i would really enjoy it though! J.
  12. Very cool, waht does it have to do with the picture thread though?
  13. The only HK weapon i like TBH! Nice one. J.
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