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  1. http://www.supremeco.com.hk they ship bloody fast too! it was sent out on saturday and i had it by wednesday! go for it.
  2. That pic doesn't really do it justice. I had to get it, especially since a Para Ord in full metal costs £449. Mine was half price.
  3. Thanks! I can't wait to try it out at a skirmish.
  4. I love it more than I thought I would have! And, yup. That's me alright. I was thinking of taking a pic of my VISA too.
  5. ShadowFox: It was $420 from Hong Kong, but was worth every bloody penny.
  6. My new toy. Western Arms M1911A1 full metal.
  7. yeah, www.freephotohost.net. go for a free sign up. forget photobucket, they love to resize your images.
  8. not much, i know, but i thought i'd join in. here's my sidearm. - ksc glock 19 with metal slide - m3 tactical illuminator by streamlight
  9. here's my primary. - classic army m15a2 tactical carbine - g&p m203
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