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  1. Mate, if you wanna go realistic looking, remove the burlap from the barrel. On a real one that would be a fire hazard!
  2. Seriously, who *fruitcage* cares! Go get laid.
  3. You're kidding, right? In my experience, they come plain as standard. Check out the pic of me a few pages back. It has the plain back.
  4. I've seen bike tyre sewn to the shoulder to replicate the stock pad.
  5. Light loadout would be one of the vests you posted as a SEAL. SOE, LBV, even the ChiCom. I dunno, why wear the CIRAS if you took out the plates? Rock a PACA or something if you just want soft armour.
  6. Far too many mags for a "light" loadout.
  7. Diamond Back Hydrapion Patrol Pack is Ranger Green. RAV is Paraclete's Smoke Green and OD TAG dumper for colour reference. Cheers, guys.
  8. Here's a pic of my SF impression:
  9. Thanks fella. Basically for ease of access. Also, they won't interfere with the pistol pouches. You'll never guess... M4 mags of course! I'll be trying out the whole kit this weekend.
  10. LOL. Its for Battle For Tolland III. Thanks, mate. Pretty easily You suck harder!
  11. A loadout I built for a game in May.
  12. Very nice. I think your paint job is much better than Whorable's various ones, and agree with you on the wall hanger subject. I'd like to see your gun after some use and the gun is looking a little worn. Meanwhile, here is an update on mine:
  13. Man, you could have atleast gotten a little dirtier?
  14. I'm bored of all this "maybe" talk. If you want answers, then find a PMC company and e-mail them. Otherwise, back to the pics please.
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