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  1. Shrike6

    WTS CA Based MG36Kv Project

    For sale is a CA-based MG36Kv AEG project package. I was building a compact SAW and I just lost interest in it before I got to the internals. Package includes 1 CA-based AEG with kv folding adjustible stock, red dot/magnifying intergal carrying handle (red dot takes 1 LR1 battery according to battery compartment), metal railed handguard, grip pod, 3 UFC motorized drum magazines, and one magazine battery charger. CAVEATS: This gun is BONE stock internally. If you slap an 11.1 on this without adjusting the gearbox accordingly and cause it to shred itself, I will laugh at you. I suggest going over the gearbox and giving it a good lube and inspection. It worked without issues when I did a function check a few months ago, but I have had it since 2011. Sadly, I was only able to find one drum battery charger in my gear, but they can be found with relatively little trouble. I suggest Tiger111hk. The battery packs for the drums are 4.8V Ni-Mh Rechargeable battery packs. I've had this as an on-again off-again project since 2011, so they may be dead. You can get replacement packs on Tiger111hk as well, or hardware to accept AAA batteries. Mechanically, the drums all work fine, but may need a bit of lube. Located in Austin, TX. I will ship, but buyer pays shipping excluded from purchase price. I accept PayPal. I'm asking for $400.00 for the whole package.
  2. Shrike6

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    --MrPoo, with that particular AK mount, can you fold and secure your stock? I want to have optics on my 74SU, but I want to still be able to fold the stock, since the whole point is to have a weapon in a small, collapsible package. I don't want to use a handguard-mounted rail, though, because it just doesn't work well for me. If anyone's got any other suggestions, please give a shout out.

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