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  1. South African Railways Police
  2. Had the same idea because that's more like how mine perform with a massive area effect. I thought 40mm shooting 120 bbs was pretty lame for a single shot weapon so I developed mine to fire 400.
  3. Build quality was rough. I had to sand down and polish the edges of the visor, hot glue down some parts of the helmet edging, and put on a cover to camouflage most of its general inaccuracy, but I got it fairly cheap with a discount code and the visor hasn't broken in half after years of use unlike what some people said would happen. Best part is it doesn't pose a health hazard on my neck with the visor on all day. Tried a friend's real one and couldn't stand it more than 15min. The Vant is fun, filled mine with plywood and tarpaulin for the leg guard to get it good and heavy, but I only
  4. Grach works great now that it's updated to version 3 spec but I opted to use the old trigger bar for a long pull out of preference. Also threw in a Maple Leaf crazy jet and autobot hop
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