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  1. renegadecow

    Videos Thread !

  2. renegadecow

    WE Colt Junior

  3. renegadecow

    WE Hi Power MkIII

    Is it so weird that we're all begging WE for new stuff meanwhile TM makes a Glock 19 for the first time?
  4. renegadecow

    WE Hudson H9

    Gonna be like a Mk23 LAM and if you get the more high tech looking lights it I imagine it would lend well to its sci-fi looks.
  5. renegadecow

    Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Got this little gem.
  6. renegadecow

    WE Hudson H9

    It does have EMG on the description cards so I'm guessing it's the same.
  7. renegadecow

    King Arms Colt Single Action

    Sent to me by a friend who went to the show. It looks like they'll be having a case color hardened version as well.
  8. I'm all over that SKS, but knowing Viva Arms this will be out of my price range.
  9. renegadecow

    King Arms Colt Single Action

    Couldn't rip the images on my phone so just took a screenshot. She'll eject, gas powered, full metal in cavalry and civilian lengths. Checking the King Arms page it looks to be a direct copy of Marushin from how the frame is a 2 piece design down to the shells. If that's the case don't expect too much performance out of them as the most I could squeeze out of my 4 3/4" Marushins is about 270fps and hop up I had to put in myself.
  10. renegadecow

    WE Hudson H9

    At the KYAirsoft Facebook page showing WE's display at the MOA show, Taiwan.
  11. renegadecow

    WE Hi Power MkIII

    Posted by CRW on their Facebook page, presumably at the MOA show in Taiwan
  12. renegadecow

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    A little more serious this time
  13. renegadecow

    WE Colt Junior

    If you're looking to replace the HFC 1908 Vest Pocket Hammerless, SRC makes them too with some slight changes mostly with the muzzle but the internals are a lot more durable.
  14. renegadecow

    WE Makarov PMM

    Does the crazy jet barrel (84mm?) line up flush with the outer?

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