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  1. Same. Personally would rather Hebrew markings and NE said they will, but I can't wait.
  2. Dart. UDL M1887 on aliexpress for around $80. In the process of converting it to use PPS shells.
  3. Gun is only about a month old before handing to me. Will leave any weathering to the owner.
  4. As confident as I am in my understanding of the mechanism well enough to make a crude copy, sadly, none of my shell fed contraptions have working ejectors.
  5. It's the "colder" time of the year so I'm not too bothered by all the wool. But for summer I'm more inclined to go in this:
  6. Since Dan and I share the same sentiment when comparing GHK and WE AKs, it's mostly because: -WE has a better potential for range/accuracy with their VSR hop up vs GHK's AEG one -Full travel bolt. It just feels so much better to rack, more recoil, and you can bring up the rof without sacrificing travel by simply using a rubber buffer -Realistic dead man's click on empty (hammer actually falls) -Feels more solid despite fewer steel externals because of the thick steel reinforcements in the receiver -Cheap parts and mags that weigh close to real loaded weight
  7. First time at a normal game since the start of the pandemic
  8. No place else to put this in, and a WW1 thread would be real lonely real quick so... 1886 Lebel VSR-10 conversion
  9. Alright, fine. Just normal builds for now.
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