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  1. Luis21

    AGM M4 GBB

    It will fit on the AGM buffer tube as it is quite thin. When I had my AGM, all stocks that I tried went on without a problem. However, some AEG stocks did fit but they had alot of wobble. The only way stocks wouldn't fit would be if the AGM buffer tube was commercial-spec, which it is not since it's too skinny. -Luis
  2. Luis21

    AGM M4 GBB

    DE stock or LE stock? Whatever it is, make sure you get a stock for military-spec buffer tubes. The AGM buffer tube is kinda slim as it is... -Luis
  3. That's pretty cool. ^^^ -Luis
  4. Looks like someone needs a mannequin head. ^^^ -Luis
  5. Great looking gun Legionaire! Nothing like a good ol'SF CQBR. -Luis
  6. Dave, I've been told that the Pro&T rail fits on Prime uppers, which are RS threaded. -Luis
  7. Looking great Kojak! Who makes your receiver, VFC? How about that 553? Very nice Trix! Welcome to Arnies. Thanks, -Luis
  8. Thanks mate! Paint it to get that worn in look or paint it because the stock paint looks bad? -Luis
  9. Thanks Dave and yes, it is a GBBR. -Luis
  10. My MK.18 Mod.1 Scratch Build: Just need my TangoDown Vert. grip and trade my black PEQ-15 for one in FDE. Also, waiting on a SpecterDR in FDE. But what I have here works well. -Luis
  11. Nice guns everyone, looks like the Mk.18 Mod.1 variants are all the rage now! Hey Blackweel, is that a genuine DD Mk.18 RIS II? Looks spot on. -Luis
  12. Luis21

    AGM M4 GBB

    The gun cannot be converted into a bolt action since it is GBB. If you eliminate the blowback cycle then all the gas in your magazine will vent since the hammer will still be dropped and the bolt carrier will not cycle and re-cock it. Even if you manually cycled it right after pulling the trigger, loss of gas would be too great and there will be no consistency whatsoever due to cooldown. If you want bolt action then NBB is the way to go. -Luis
  13. That's really legit man, too bad it is not a GBBR. -Luis
  14. Good stuff again man! I was also going to order the Element QDSS-NT4 but I stuck with my VFC. Also, I too got to handle and test out one of Element's 1x-4x SpecterDR replicas at an event. The thing is very nice but the eye relief is too close... Now, this is the version 1 sample that also doesn't feature a full eyepiece lens and Element is now working on their newer, improved version which should be out soon. -Luis
  15. Great Stuff Kojak!!! It looks extremely nice, no bs. Planning on getting a KAC QDSS-NT4 can later on? How's the wobble of the Element LMT stock on the WE receiver extension? Mine has a good amount of wobble but it's a very nice stock nonetheless for the price. Man, my build has been stuck for ages, I need that 1x-4x SpecterDR to be released already! -Luis
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