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  1. I want to be able to show up to an event, with batteries in both, and choose between the 552 & 550 based on the type of mission. That's why I want those two together, I'd be using the same mags, optics, etc, just choosing the gun style based on gameplay option. Short version: I wanna be the Pokeman trainer of Sig's. Edit: Wait, do you mean buying a 2nd TM 552 and performing said surgery? I may consider that if it comes down to it, but I intend to avoid it if I can. (The reason I bought a TM is so I'd never have to open it up. I intend to keep it bone stock until...well I'm old enoug
  2. I also bought a TM 552 about a year ago and it is holding up beatifully. However, you still might have to wait unless it is a 552 you wanted because TM no longer makes the 550's & 551's, and that is what ICS & G&G are making. I'm in the market for a 550 myself, so if there were TM's available at retailers I would have already submitted the order, but they've been off the market so long that I'm debating whether it's better to get the JG since I'm getting one to use, not for looks. (And I'm not up to lugging a full-metal beast all over the field.) And while it's nothing special
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