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  1. t_hum

    KJW M4

    All those TDC mods used a product called Vibratite VC3 (https://www.vibra-tite.com/products/threadlockers/vibra-tite-vc-3-threadmate/) to keep the screws from loosening while also being adjustable. Loc-tite makes similar products. The suggestion above will also work.
  2. t_hum

    KJW M4

    Hi gents, long time no see. I cant believe the thread hasnt seen any action in about a month. Ill get to the meat of it... We've got an opportunity to bring the M4 STANAGS over in bulk. Im trying to feel the group here out to see what kind of interest there is in the mags. Price would be approx. $52 USD. Let me know!
  3. t_hum

    KJW M4

    There are loads of places to buy them. You could start by telling us where you are located. And where have you looked so far (if at all)?
  4. t_hum

    KJW M4

    Havent posted back in here for a while now. Quick update about orders and ordering from the Cradle Website. Some people may have had some delays over the past month or so in having their packages ship. We were just too far behind getting parts machined, anodized, assembled, etc. The backlog is behind us now and we have a new team member dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to filling orders. So most orders are shipping out same day, with worst case being 24 hours. (Excluding most weekends and holidays, naturally). So, thanks for sticking with us through the rough moments! Also, looking to start stocking spare bolt cup assemblies for V1/V1+ rifles. I suppose if demand is there we can look at doing rubbers too. Either stocking the KJW part #20 or doing our own. Ive got a great shop that does fantastic rubber parts we can speak with if you guys express interest. Cheers, T BTW, any of you who have interest in AEG related items, youll want to keep your eyes firmly planted on our website and/or the news page in the coming weeks. We've got some doozies....
  5. t_hum

    KJW M4

    Im pretty sure I responded to that email. Cyberspace ate it maybe? Spam folder? I answer so many emails I can't really remember them all. In any case: Id say its unlikely we will be doing any type of conversion for buckings or hop units. The KJW market is pretty limited. R&D time is absolutely consumed right now with other work. Just not a good fit at this point. T
  6. t_hum

    KJW M4

    If you are having light strikes make sure that your guide rod moves smoothly through the range of motion the carrier makes. I do this with the carrier out of the gun. Basically make sure the underside of the guide tab that locks into the rear of the receiver isnt hanging up on the carrier body. Light rub is fine. Binding is bad. Ive seen that some guide rods are pretty out of spec on that part of the casting and some even have nasty mold lines that rub quite badly on the carrier. A light filing of that portion of the guide rod can free up the movement of the carrier. Yes, the loaders are tight and were designed to be. We found that any lateral slop made for less than perfect loading some of the time. So we opted for snug as opposed to a misfeed. The paint finishes are inconsistent in thickness it seems, as well. We averaged out thicknesses the best we could so some may find a mag tight and another only snug. Everything should wear in just fine. It was amazing to see just how sensitive the internal features of the loaders were to tolerance deviations during machining. It took us a while to come up with a machining strategy that gave us perfect results. The loaders are, in fact, a very tight tolerance part.
  7. t_hum

    KJW M4

    Yup. My loader happens to load 5-6 BBs at a time so I know to take it easier on my 5-6th push. It still takes some force to load but you can tell when it's full.
  8. t_hum

    KJW M4

    Loaders are up for sale at www.CRADLEAIRSOFT.com Cheers, Travis
  9. t_hum

    KJW M4

    To answer some previous questions about the loader: 1. It works with any mag speed loader designed for AEGs. 2. Pricing is going to be $45. Check the website Saturday/Sunday for ordering. T
  10. t_hum

    KJW M4

    Ill have these posted on the site for sale this coming weekend. WWW.CRADLEAIRSOFT.COM Orders placed will ship mid to late next week. Limited stock so order quickly!
  11. t_hum


  12. t_hum

    KJW M4

    Before you take anything apart check that the tab on the side of your mag is up. If its down it'll disable lock back.
  13. t_hum

    KJW M4

    The section that sits completely inside the magwell is almost identical across all models of magazines. Its the exposed part that varies. Look specifically at the area just below the magwell lip. The thermolds are wide and almost sit far enough out the be flush with the outside dimensions of the lower receiver. The other style magazines hold the internal magwell dimension all the way down.
  14. t_hum

    KJW M4

    First time Ive ever looked at their products. They look fairly nice. Really the issue here would be the same as any magazine thats thinner than the thermold design. Stanag, Pmag, Caa, etc. TK made the top seal extend internally into that top nub around the magazine that touches the underside of the mag well. So if you make the mag thinner up there for aesthetics you also cut away most of the sealing surface. The obvious solution is to scap using the KJW upper portion of the magazine as well as the lower but by then you are starting the whole mag from scratch. $$$$
  15. t_hum

    KJW M4

    $5.15 priority flat rate to the continental US. Rates just went up for international customers due to the 2013 USPS rate hikes. Domestic mail seems to have only fluctuated by 10 cents or so while international has gone up by about $6. I find this may be a good time to reiterate that we dont make a red cent on shipping and we don't charge handling fees so when our shipping prices go up its not us gouging our customers. Blame USPS.

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