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    Did you explain to them at the chrono that although you were at about 1.5 joules with .2g bb's, you would be using .4's and pumping out twice as much energy on the field? Your guns muzzle energy is not consistent depending on the ammo used.
  2. MotoSam


    Only because they are imparting far more energy to the bb, which is dangerous unless your site limits are measured in joules (energy) rather than a limit basef on fps and .2 bbs, as you say, because the polar star will have much higher energy output with a heavier bb.
  3. MotoSam

    Well Vz 61 Skorpion AEP

    I have owned and skirmished this gun since it was released, mine works fine still, but it has some flaws. The hop-up is not a great design in this gun, and will likely give trouble down the lines, with bb's double feeding, falling out the barrel etc as the bucking does not have a great collar portion, and the nub wears down quickly. I'm going to have a look at cutting up an aeg hop up bucking to fit the skorpion, to improve the hop and bb retention which is a major failing. The gun can fail to feed, due to the feed nozzle not pressing into the magazine bb retainer wedge hard enough, by deforming the feed nozzle outwards a little you can get more positive engagement with the magazine and flawless feeding. The battery will wear out some day, and as it is proprietary you may be stuck with it unless you can solder the connector to a li-po. The battery cover has a habit of getting knocked off the gun, and the battery falling out. So far my battery still works. The charger is also proprietary, if you cut off the connector you can attach it to a tamiya connector, and charge from your main smart charger. It is also awkward to carry, as it doesn't suit a holster, I used the front map pouch on my vest but that is awkward to pull it out in a rush too, a dump pouch might do the trick.

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