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    Did you explain to them at the chrono that although you were at about 1.5 joules with .2g bb's, you would be using .4's and pumping out twice as much energy on the field? Your guns muzzle energy is not consistent depending on the ammo used.
  2. MotoSam


    Only because they are imparting far more energy to the bb, which is dangerous unless your site limits are measured in joules (energy) rather than a limit basef on fps and .2 bbs, as you say, because the polar star will have much higher energy output with a heavier bb.
  3. I have owned and skirmished this gun since it was released, mine works fine still, but it has some flaws. The hop-up is not a great design in this gun, and will likely give trouble down the lines, with bb's double feeding, falling out the barrel etc as the bucking does not have a great collar portion, and the nub wears down quickly. I'm going to have a look at cutting up an aeg hop up bucking to fit the skorpion, to improve the hop and bb retention which is a major failing. The gun can fail to feed, due to the feed nozzle not pressing into the magazine bb retainer wedge hard enough, by defor
  4. I have fitted several mosfets in the past so don't need ant tips on that. I have received a helpful post however from a poster in the aug faq section as it is an aug I am specifically interested in. Thanks for your concern.
  5. Sorry for picture quality, I used my camera phone. I just finished my carbine barrel, the barrel itself is available on evike, but the adaptor to fit it is an action silencer adapter. The silencer adapter was 1cm too long, to sit proud of the gas plug, I just hacksawed that much material off to match the existing barrel and cut a new notch for the grub screw to hold it in place. I still have to get a new flash hider as I only have an orange one at the moment. I installed a matrix 6.03 barrel, guarder hard hop and have a new spring and airseal nozzle to try and get 400 fps for local Califor
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