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    TM Desert Eagle .50AE (Silver, Hardkick)
    TM Silver M92F (GBB)

    TM Spas 12

    CA G36C (Still stock -.-)
    Zero One Pulse Rifle (Rarely used, but maintain it when I can and use it for fun from time to time)

    CAW Grenade Launcher (6 barrelled one...BUT it's in the states and customs have not let it past the 3 times I've had it sent...so a las I must sell...)

    Trying to turn a Tanaka M629 Performance into Vincent Valentine's triple barrel Cerberus
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    You wouldn't know sarcasm if it came up and made an offensive joke about you
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    United Kingdom

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    Behind that PSG-1 scope aimmed at your head
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    Current Target List - Resident Evil Weapons (YAY, found a full list)<br /><br />S.T.A.R.S. Special Tactics And Rescue Service:<br />TM M92F Samurai Edge Rebecca Chambers & Jill Valentine Models<br />TM M92F Samurai Edge-Kai Chris Redfield & Barry Burton Models<br />Tanaka Colt Python .357 Magnum Midnight Blue 4inch<br />TM/KSC Glock 17<br />??? Colt 1911<br />KSC STi Eagle 6.0<br />CAW M79 Grenade Launcher<br />TM M3 Shorty<br />TM Spas 12<br /><br />U.B.C.S. Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service:<br />KSC Sig Pro SP2340<br />Tanaka Umbrella Magnum<br />Tanaka S&W M629<br />TM M4A1 Carbine<br />TM H&K MP5A5 (w/ tac-light grip)<br /><br />Claire Redfield:<br />Tanaka Browning Hi-Power Mk-III<br />KSC M93R 2nd Version<br />Tanaka Colt S.A.A. .45 (Silver)<br /><br />Steve Burnside:<br />Twin Luger P-08 4inch (unlikely to find RE.C.V. replicas)<br />Twin KSC M11 A1/Ingram Mac 11<br /><br />Leon S. Kennedy:<br />Desert Eagle .50AE 6inch<br />Desert Eagle .50AE Enhanced Magnum<br />Tanio Koba VP-70M Full Kit<br />Maruzen Remington M1100 Revision<br />Maruzen Remington M1100 Full Stock Wood Finish<br /><br />Other:<br />TM AK47-S
  1. Been getting these a lot lately, is it just more or something that's effecting all members? Seems to come up when I try to go into a thread or a sub-section.
  2. Ok so I've checked my character count in my Interests entry, it's 976 which is 224 under the max limit, yet when I hit "Amend Profile" it returns the error "Sorry, your interests entry is too long". So with great respect I say WTF? edit - Never mind, forgot I'd left html tags in it
  3. The fact a Pulse Rifle sits there looking all unused and dusty brings a tear to my eye... Seriously though fantastic collection.
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