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    Ashbury Aw 338. A&K m60. Tm recoil AK. G&G warthog. LCT G3 hpa. Tanaka G33. ASG Sten, King Arms Thompson. Some pistols and other bits and pieces.
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    God help preserve me from Needy Airsofters.
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    United Kingdom

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    Worthing Airsoft
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    Several species of small furry animals, gathered together in a cave and grooving with a Pict.

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  1. www.march4honour.com

    1. maverick0048


      Hello Jimbo. Thought I'd better drop by and get aquainted. C U next Sunday at Worthing. Have to say, what a great day out!!!

      Cheers, Les (Terry's mate from Ford) AKA Maverick

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