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  1. Just logged in out of the blue to check in, hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.
  2. hasn't been on here in some time...

    1. FireKnife


      Where have you been? Tea was ready 6hrs ago.

    2. X Lupin
  3. I just bought the same kit to add to my uncompleted stash 'til I get some more Vallejo airbrush paint. Ben.
  4. Lets face it, neither of you have ever met a woman, much less managed to lure her back to your scabby student lairs to procreate. All you do is sit in your bedroom on your computer. Fact. I can say this with confidence, no longer being a student and having joined the real world. Ben.
  5. I thought they did have small armouries, but if you're organising a cruise around somewhere like Somalia, you'd think a .50 cal here and there wouldn't go amiss... Ben.
  6. That website is pure comedy gold. Ben.
  7. It's more them arguing legally that they're not at fault. That sucks. Ben.
  8. Seriously though, well done that man with the deckchair! Imagine your mum and dad going on a cruise they've spent half their working lives saving up for, and end up being shot, hit by shrapnel, and boarded by pirates, and THEN the cruise company has the gall to claim it wasn't legally their fault, and settles out of court for a ludicrously low sum. Ben.
  9. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/John-And-Barbara-Jeffrey-Win-Claim-As-Deckchair-Attack-Repels-Somalia-Pirates-From-MSC-Cruises-Ship/Article/201105115986451?lpos=World_News_Second_World_News_Article_Teaser_Region_4&lid=ARTICLE_15986451_John_And_Barbara_Jeffrey_Win_Claim_As_Deckchair_Attack_Repels_Somalia_Pirates_From_MSC_Cruises_Ship This. Ok, so the first thing that I don't get is why people insist on taking 'luxury cruises' round well-known world cesspools. It's their money, fine, whatever, but you want me to sympathise with you when you get attacked whilst sailing pas
  10. is considering a 'generic action movie bad guy' loadout... Black overalls, a field cap, and an MP5 it is, then.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Bando


      uzi would be better but seconding the dirty big optics

    3. L4byr1nth


      Ok, found the look I want to go for...




      Guy on the left. Jeans, white shirt, horrendous MP5.



    4. FireKnife


      To be a true 80's bad guy you will want a HK94 and chop the barrel off, :P

  11. If you want to buy it in the UK, try Tactical Quartermaster, Wolf Armouries, or Airsoft Armoury. Ben.
  12. I'm not blaming them for the postage, it's more about how they wait a week to post the thing, and then when it does go missing or stolen, all they're interested in is getting their money back rather than sorting out my problem first, as it should be. Ben.
  13. Ok, I've got one. Play.com, go die in a hole somewhere. The premise of a pre-ordering a game is simple. I put my faith in the developers that the game will be good, and trust that I want to play it. I then pay money to secure my copy before it has been released. This, I assume, helps the developers and producers, as they're selling games potentially before they're finished, and resellers like Play and Amazon order more to meet demand. In return, I expect to receive the game on the day of release or before. Not a week and a half after it's on the shelves. At the same time as
  14. Mine has been having a few problems recently. Took it out on Sunday, and it would jam every 3-4 shots, usually venting all the gas. Not sure why, but it has been doing this ever since I installed the NPAS. Either the NPAS o-ring is too big, and is jamming in the brass cylinder, or it's something to do with the bolt assembly. The bolt sticks about 2" short of returning to full battery. Any ideas? Ben.
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