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  1. Wow, nice work. I have been considering a full mag-pul rifle and was wondering how it would look. Now I have my answer.
  2. That part is what the hex screw pushes down against to anchor the upper part of the RIS in place. The delta ring should hold it down enough, but it will probably be alot more loose than normal without it.
  3. So I finished my final M4 I had lying around. It was the Star one that I swiped the SIR-S from. I decided to just rig it up with a different front setup. I went with the Proud replica ARMS #50CV SIR, the VFC three-prong flash hider, which accepts the PPA SCAR-L mock surpressor, a KAC gas block and flip up sight, the enlarged trigger guard, which I actually didn't like and took off. I'm going to start looking around for a stock that might look better with it. The flash hider would not thread on a G&P or Star barrel. Luckily I had a spare CA 10" lying around which worked.
  4. I had to modify my G&P body in the M4 above to accept a li-poly battery. I took out the connector between the wiring from the gearbox and the extension cord and shrunk wrapped the connectiors together to save space. Then I used a drill to make a hole to run the wiring through into the stock tube like so: You do the connectors after you have run the wiring through the hole.
  5. Looks like a candidate for the Duke Togo custom we have been talking about in the Golgo-13 thread. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...158850&st=0 I like it.
  6. Hey Vic, try adding a couple of those little black rubber bands that chicks put in their hair for ponytails right before the rim on the outer barrel that the barrel nut screws against. I got the same SIR (proud?) and the barrel nut thickness makes you in most cases have to unscrew it to the point where it gets really loose. I threw about 4 of those bands down and then one of those silver washers, and when I screwed the barrel nut on it was pretty tight. Then when I put the SIR on, there was no play at all compared to the way it was before with the loose barrel nut.
  7. I gave my old CA M15A4 a make over. You can probably guess what it was modeled after
  8. That configuration is so 2000.
  9. I had been waiting for Star to release their ARMS#50M SIR so I could have the perfect compliment for the M468 receiver I bought two years ago. Finally, WGC had their awesome Star sale and I got the whole M4A1 SIR-S for less then the SIR itself. I had to track down TM part MA-15 and another GB-Tech M468 kit which has become quite rare to make it all work. I decided to build this gun from scratch instead of doing a conversion to make it that much more unique. I went with a Systema 1 Joule high speed gearbox and a G&P M120 ultra high speed motor to complete the AEG; since I will be runn
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