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  1. Some of you might remember the promised parts for L851 from PowerUpgrade.cz - well they are ready to ship since a few weeks, but PayPal is slowing down the whole process - their account is still not up yet. But it's not going to take more than a few days according to PayPal. They have a new aluminum spacer, as some of you requested - made of aluminum, indestructible and yet lightweight (5.2g, the plastic spacer had 2g). With some improvements (and it makes a good contact between the piston head and piston, no chance that the parts would move - which can be an issue with home-made spacers)
  2. I have the plastic spacer and works great, but don't confuse quality plastic with chinese "plastic" that is used in airsoft parts. I did ask about the specific plastic type, and it's Ercetal C - http://www.dotmar.com.au/products/acetal/ertacetal_c.htm . As you can see from the manufacturer's description, it's that tough that it's ment for gears. They could make it in aluminum or any other metal, but this would just add weight to the piston (more weight = more possible damage to other parts by the piston). So, using metal wouldn't make any sense at all (pistons are also usually from plastic, ju
  3. Yes, I am pretty sure they will offer a kit like this. The problem is that the Army cylinder itself has the wrong size, it's a little too wide! I noticed this when I was replacing the piston head, the gun was loosing a lot of air pressure - because there was a gap between the piston head and cylinder. The difference is very small but you are going to see a difference when firing. Of course, a little wider O-ring could solve this - but the best is to replace the cylinder with a standard type. That's why Powerupgrade is going to offer a full set, so you can replace it all at once, and you won'
  4. I don't know the pricing of L85 parts yet, but the spacer with screw costs 4-5£, the whole set on the picture is about 41£ (I don't think you get cheaper parts made by a custom shop). I hope I did the currency conversion right . I asked and they told me that PayPal should be ready by the end of this week, so you might be maybe able to order it quite soon...
  5. Hi Domz, I am in contact with the owner of Powerupgrade.cz, the Czech version is fully updated but they are working on the English translation. It should be ready very soon. They are going to sell whole "upgrade-sets" for the Army R85A1. The set will probably consist of precision made nozzle, cylinder head, cylinder, piston head, spacer, piston. It's almost ready. Of course, if you just need the spacer (along with a longer screw), you can just order the single part. The set might look like this one (this is for a M4), all parts are matched for perfect fit. Different pistons are avaiable
  6. I've found out something interesting today, it seems that Army made some changes to the latest batch of R85A1? Someone posted this pictures of the internals of a stock R85A1 which he bought recently. Improved design, black plastic instead of white, added metal bushings. The piston is also made of black plastic, but it broke anyway after few shots... The spring guide is now made of black plastic instead of metal, but at least they kept the metal bushings...
  7. I've got some got news for you, custom parts for Army L85A1 are coming ... I asked at a Czech custom shop (http://www.powerupgrade.cz) and they made a spacer for me, exactly the lenght I needed, made out of some durable plastic. And it was much cheaper than from redwolf. They told me that they are going to produce all the parts for the G&G and Army L85a1, mainly for the UK market. They are going to make the cylinder head, which is a non-standard part (I couldn't find it anywhere) with a new cylinder, the piston head will be made a little wider than standard, because the cylinder
  8. Hi all, I haven't been here for a while. My L85 works fine - I replaced the piston, piston head (+spacer),TM sector gear, M110 spring and hop-up bucking. Semi isn't working for the most time, so I don't use it all. Things I found out - the remaining two gears are not TM standard. Anyone knows a gun that uses the same gears? Can someone tell me what type is the nozzle and cylinder head? Thanks.
  9. You need a standard 16 tooth piston, but not TM (they don't fit too well, they aren't wide enough), maybe also a new piston head... A friend made me that spacer for $7.
  10. Damn!! My piston just failed 8 hours before skirmish . My 16 tooth piston hasn't arrived yet, so I can forget that skirmish.. this sucks. The piston didn't brake into parts but the first tooth (the long one) is grind away, so that the sector gear can't get a grip on the piston. I'll take pictures tomorrow. Two guns of three have broken pistons. Replacement parts ETA coming week - I'll let you know how they work.
  11. It broke after a few hunders shots on one of three guns we have. The two are running fine after about 3000 shots. The hopup doesn't really work - adjusting doesn't have real impact on the accuracy. I bought a systema hopup bucking, I will test it in a few days - I am going to change out the whole hopup chamber if it doesn't help. We are replacing the pistons and sector gears on all three guns, to make the gun more reliable and to be able to use standard parts. Blowback is disabled on all three guns.
  12. Did anyone try to put a new hop-up chamber in the R85? One member reported that G&P chamber didn't fit. What about the element hopup?... I was able to replace the sector gear for a standard TM sector gear, the disassembly of the mechabox is quite easy. I am going to replace the piston and piston head today...
  13. One question about the hop-up unit, I removed the inner barrel along with the hop-up bucking, a small rubber part fell out. It seem to be the part that pushes against the hop-up bucking. It's the small part on this picture: http://www.x-guns.com/Prd100/922-082-S.jpg Was it somehow attached inside the hop-up unit? How to install the small part back?
  14. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...e=post&id=25713
  15. If anybody finds a cheap way how to buy spare tappet plates for the R85, then please let me know. Thanks.
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