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    AJ Birthday shoot - The Bunker CQB

    Right, Its my birthday on 16th March, so we're gonna have the 15th March (Sunday) as my birthday game The regulars know what this means - BALLOONS!! Tie 100s of balloon's to me, have me run around the bunker, everyone vs me, full auto, players get no regen, i cant call hit or return to safezone, and game aint over until all balloons are popped! Sound like fun? Oh, Darren says there will be shaving foam in the balloons too.... Should be a good day and hoping to get a big turn out too. Send this invite to all the airsofters you know of. Day starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm. So if you fancy going full auto on a moving target that can only run around or you just have a vendetta againgst me for something - maybe i have shot you between the legs or snuck up on you one too many times then PLEASE come and get your own back on me I aint gonna do this again! Trust me! If you need directions or got any other questions, send me a message on here or email bookings@thebunkercqb.co.uk Event will take place at The Bunker CQB, Vange http://www.TheBunkerCQB.co.uk - AJ
  2. avisonjohn

    The Bunker CQB - sunday 21st sept walkon

    "hi everyone just to remind you about the 21st. once again we got another hopfully great game coming up this sunday. so lets try and get some good numbers up for this one 25 pound walkon we also got a hole new bunch of games lined up. hope to see you all there " http://www.TheBunkerCQB.co.uk The Bunker CQB Marsh Farm Vange Essex SS16 4QG
  3. avisonjohn

    The Bunker CQB Game

    After recently undergoing a huge redevelopment, we are running our airsoft events once again. Standard walk-on game. £25 a head (people with 2 heads pay for just the one ). To take place in our unique 2 level underground nuclear buncker. Located in Essex, just off the A13, about 20 minutes from the M25. We will be playing some classic search and destroy games as well as attack and defend, in addition, we also have some more fun games, such as capture the Gandalf (wizard from lord of the rings), rescue the hostage locked in our unique prison cell, and the old time favorite 'capture the barrel' game. We also have the massively popular 'Lights out game' which is semi auto/pistols/shotguns only, and is played in the dark - since its an underground 2 level bunnker without windows, this will probably be the darkest place you will ever encounter. Hire guns are available and ammo, gas, grenades and refreshments can be purchased from our on site shop. Free parking available. We can hold 30+ players in the bunker. To reserve a place, you can contact us on 07882 278 498 or email me at AJ@TheBunkerCQB.co.uk For more information, as well as a printable map and directions from your postcode, visit http://www.TheBunkerCQB.co.uk/contact.php
  4. avisonjohn

    Fallout: Essex CQB

    Located just on the A13 in Pitsea, Essex. Opens at 10:00 am till 05:00 pm 20 pounds walk on fee Hire guns 35, 45 and 55 pounds (depending on the package) . If you bring a friend who needs to hire a gun, you will receive a discount off your walk on. 2 floors, ground and basement, situated inside a nucular bunker, corridoors that twist and turn, some games played in total darkness. Refreshments on sale, on site toilets, free secure parking, never any complaints about 'bullet-proof' players not taking hits, very well marshalled, and always a great day's play. Unique games to be played there, never before seen at any other site. No need to book, just turn up and play, but PM me if your gonna be there so i can keep an eye out for you Map

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