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  1. I have had some fogging problems when using them. Usually I'll just throw some of that Rain-X on the lens before I play. I'll wear them right before the match and let them fog. Then, I'll take them off. When I wear them playing they won't fog. Kind of weird, but it has worked for me. I'm thinking about adding a laptop fan to the Striker goggles. That will be cheaper than turbofans, but still work decently.
  2. bat21win

    KJW Mk1 Ruger

    Paint job done of this pistol.
  3. bat21win

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    Misc gun photos
  4. Manufacturer: Eye Safety Systems (ESS) Series: Profile Series Goggles Model: Profile NVG's Colors: Black (shown), Desert tan, and foliage green Cost: Official site: $95., Tactical-Store.com: $85. Official Specs:Here. Okay, I actually picked a pair of these up used a while back. For $7. Yeah, I know, great deal. The lens was scratched, among other things, but the goggles themselves were in tip top shape. Recently I picked up a new lens for them ($7.50), and these are all I've used since. Okay, of course.. Pics. Goggles, front view. Goggl
  5. Manufacturer: Supercell Development Incorportated Model: ASC7 Weight: Aprox. 2 pounds Dimensions: 8 1/2" L x 2" W x 3 3/4" H Ammunition: any bad, cheap, or messed up bb's you have. As well as powdered sugar, flour, or baby powder, etc. Method of propulsion: spring powered, that's right, no gas. Capacity: At least 150-200 bb's Places to purchase: Trinity Airsoft ($195.95, w/ wireless remote) and Airsoft Extreme ($145 wireless remote separate), are the 2 most popular. Introduction: This mine was lent to our team for evaluation purposes. When I firs
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