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  1. mmm new eye candy and new monitor.
  2. And another showing off my desktop:
  3. Debian, the only one worth having.
  4. We were referring to the quality of the spring, not the power. "Bearings" are usually only bushings that use ball bearings to get higher speeds. These generally break much faster than standard metal bushings. In fact, most people consider bearing bushings worse than standard bushings. Myself included. Why? I had a set fall apart inside a gearbox. Bearing bushings also require much finer shimming in comparison to standard bushings.
  5. I second that. Guarder springs are the best I have used.
  6. Well using the word gay like you did can offend others. There's ALOT of users on these forums. Some may actually be homosexual. Who are you to insult them? Using gay in a demeaning manner is insulting and immature. People expect more intellectual posts. Just learn from your mistakes and you won't have the problem again. You only got 2 negative reps from it. It's no big deal. Make good posts and you'll get possitive reps. Also, don't forget, this is the Internet. Rep points on Arnies Airsoft mean nothing in life . You won't show up to the pearly whites and have your Arnies re
  7. It appears to be a "snake skin" pattern. You paint it in a base, and use either a wire mesh (like the impossible to fog airsoft masks) or scrim netting to paint on other colors. It's the cheapest, fatest, most effective way to get the "digital" effect onto their rifles. From what I understand, and have read, gathered, been told, soldiers that paint their rifles keep them painted as well as possible. They spray them effectivly, and then have small air brush kits to touch them up whenever possible. Probably when they go to clean the gun.
  8. Very nice picture Havoc. Looks the part. The gear looks great. Get some Nomex gloves. They're great. I've had my pair for about 2 or so years now. They're a size or two small though . If you don't count my 1mm thick balaclava, then yes. Mouth is open though, so it hardly covers/protects my face.
  9. It's probably glued on there. It's against forum rules to talk about how to remove them.
  10. When you want to edit, hit the edit button and not the reply button.
  11. FPBBrandon, you've toooo many guns!
  12. I'm in the same boat pretty much. Damn I want one though. It's so good looking.
  13. Or just try taking it out in the field and using it! That's what I do... EDIT: Don't mean anything rude by it. Was just stating that I prefer a naturally worn gun over a man worn gun.
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