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  1. HK416D now available again in Echigoya. my 2nd HK416D is now on the way. excited.
  2. i was lucky i got mine for $577 in echigoya. HK retailers are overpricing the marui products. lol anyway here are some tiny parts which are absent in the standard sopmod version the small gears for ambi fire selector. i was impressed. marui is so creative.
  3. thats why i dont put additional stress on my TM MP7A1. The duster gas alone is good enough for me on CQB game
  4. I got mine also from echigoya . The TM MP7A1 kicks harder and very solid compared to my brother's KSC MP7A1.
  5. mine got cracked it was happened few months ago. good thing is echigoya has some replacement gearbox for marui m4 sopmod
  6. yes you can use a standard m4 magazine but you need the magazine adopter. bolt stop wont function if you use a standard m4 magazine.
  7. Their main market is for Japan only. they dont really care about outside Japan. according to anakchan those CNC sopmod parts sells very fast in Japan.
  8. looks like the BAD does not works well in the receiver that's why they removed it and without the BAD the bolt stop works. what magazine is that? it is not a pmag right?
  9. it is now available in echigoya. by seeing in their video. i still like my scar-l.
  10. Step by Step RS PMAG Conversion guide for Tokyo Marui M4A1 Sopmod Magazine credit to Echigoya http://echigoyaworks.militaryblog.jp/e284810.html Following is the step by step process on how we convert a real PMAG magazine to fit into an airsoft AEG specifically the recoil shock series. By using the internals of a Tokyo Marui magazine and months of trial and error we were able to accomplish the taskā€¦ Mission Impossible? Not in our shop! The Real PMag Remove the bottom cap Then you can discard the spring and the round follower, but keep these three parts,
  11. here is the scar-h http://echigoya-guns.com/guns/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=432 release date December 28
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