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  1. On the Sopmod and the Socom it was a drop in but over time the base plate would slip and I would get motor whine. For some reason on the RECCE the angle of engagement with motor was weird and we had to shim the motor in the grip. We ended up using some acoustic foam (I had some handy) and that got it sorted.
  2. I remember seeing a player with a shotgun at a local field here using a homemade hi-cap shotgun set-up. Ugly, but he never had to reload during a game. Anyone want to try and make one? http://www18.atpages.jp/teamgiudecca/g23.htm
  3. As some of you have mentioned, Tokyo Marui has issued an announcement on their homepage that some of the M870 are experiencing trouble with manufacturing errors and that they are receiving malfunctioning units back fro repair or at the least a quick look over. Obviously not much help for many of you overseas, but if you bought from a local retailer or from Echigoya, etc, they might be able to help you out. Refer to this announcement when contacting them... http://www.tokyo-marui.co.jp/news/m870/
  4. Those spacers go around the gear box shell. As you are sliding the upper back on, wait for it to get about half way, and then slide those in between the gearbox shell and the frame. They ensure that the upper is aligned perfectly center. Looks like Marui just released a new batch as the 416 is available in local stores again.
  5. I spoke to the guys at Echigoya recently and they said that they hadn't heard of any issues with the nozzle, but that there have been some issues with broken BB Lips from the follower slamming into it when released with no bbs in it. As you have said, the fact that we have almost no access to anything other that duster probably is a major factor.
  6. PureSilver, I think I can track you down an empty gearbox shell, or are you looking for a complete one? Either way, let me know what you need and I will track one down locally if you like.
  7. I ran .28 before selling mine. It was completely stock and worked great!
  8. These are available in Japanese shops again, so those of you waiting for yours should have them soon.
  9. I have one Baton and a couple of the Trigger Talk ones left.
  10. Chris, I can get you the lipo converter. PM me.
  11. I heard back from Marui via twitter regarding the part attached to the hop chamber... It's called an "upper spacer," and it is meant to prevent the hop chamber from rocking forward when pressure is applied to the magazine. Without it, pressure on the mag can cause a small gap between the chamber and nozzle, which can cause poor operation and potentially reduce accuracy. My next question to them will be to find out if this part can be ordered and added to their other M4 EBB models. Tried to copy and paste the original Japanese but it is not working. All the Japanese is turning into
  12. Pulled my 416 apart today to do a barrel change and found a few new things inside that I had not seen in a Marui NextGen EBB before. The first was a plastic tab that clips onto the hop up chamber and appears to stop the inner barrel from going too far forward. It isn't listed in the parts diagram, so I am curious to know what exactly it does, why, and how to replace it for my quick swap indoor barrel. You can see it here as the image isn't embedding properly... https://twitter.com/FireTeamTokyo/status/302682353279569920 There were also two small plastic parts that fell out when I rem
  13. You can also use an adapter if you don't want to do anything to the stock (incase you want to sell later, etc). Replacememt stocks can be expensive I wrote about two of them in this thread... http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/207716-lipo-battery-converters-for-marui-nextgen-m4-ebb-series/
  14. It can still use the old M4 blowback ones ones.
  15. Quick field report... Awesome, but nothing new. The gun fires, operates, and behaves like an M4. That is in no way a bad thing. The blowback is the same, and paddle operation on an empty mage, etc. If you have owned or used the M4 you know exactly what to expect. I haven't used a stock Marui for a while, usually doing an inner barrel and hop bucking switch as soon as I get a new gun, but I decided to keep this one stock for the testing. I forgot how fantastic the Marui hop is out of the box. Very consistent rounds on target at 45 meters on a head sized target. It's a fantastic bi
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