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  1. .... nope, looks right. I'd agree if you were talking about an RD or a reflex, but definitely not an ACOG. If it were farther forward, it would look wrong. You have to consider eye-relief when talking about a magnifying scope's placement.
  2. In which case, it's working! LOL
  3. Yeah, don't replace the handguards, I love it as it is so far. Plus, it seems everyone is going FF RAS. Good to stay unique.
  4. Neotilaf : Great gun! Replace that piston-head #14 o-ring first chance you get. G&P slack on thier o-rings from the factory. Considering the rest of thier internals are top-notch, that's a small issue, but you'll see great results as far as upping your velocity. Again, really nice gun.
  5. Nice WAAPURR, do I sense some MCFR influence there?
  6. That 203 is harsh Souske, nice job. Chopping it makes the gun look stout.
  7. Yeah, I was thinking that's what he meant, just want to be clear. I seriously think it's an issue with the clamp. I'm not sure about that particular RAS, but the clamp that retains the top section to the gas tube should keep any excessive rotation from happening. That is, also if the gun has a gas tube, which I have seen some that lack that feature, but depending on the make of the RAS, it may have a gas tube included with the kit. (i.e: G&P) Or... The clamp is secure but the front sight tower is loose or too far from seating against the retention plate and cinching the RA
  8. That's odd, if the RAS is clamped to the gas tube, it shouldn't rotate even if the 'cap' is too big. What do you mean by cap btw, are you talking about the handguard retention plate (at the front site) or the delta-ring (at the receiver)?
  9. In what manner is it moving 'side to side'? Do you mean the d-ring is wider than the RAS or the RAS is rotating around the barrel?
  10. I usually recommend not buying a retailer custom gun. Through my conversations with people who have bought them, they seem to never be re-assembled in just a really quality manner and we've found them to incur problems rather frequently. Redwolf, however, I don't know about. I think I heard about 1 that failed rather quickly due to shotty re-assembly. Most of the custom retailer guns that have issues in our experiences are WGC guns and custom guns like Airsoft Surgeons. But the amount of issues that arise have put myself and others off of buying retailer customs altogether and we
  11. The design isn't faulty, and NO gun design is infallible. And I see we've moved from every 3 rounds to every 100 rounds now. Interesting. If you had to clean your AR so much, you must have either bought a home-made gun or you damaged or screwed it up yourself. Every time I shoot my AR, I put at least 240 rounds through it (8 full mags) and still no jams or misfeeds. As a matter of fact, I've never even used my bolt assist. Anyway, bashing a particular make of gun, especially in a picture thread, is senseless, I'm sure there are plenty of other places where you can do that.
  12. It's funny when they say that though, it shows who knows and who doesn't, and who has fired them and who hasn't. In my time in the Corps, and out of the Corps owning my own AR (a total of 20 years) I have NEVER had an M series or AR jam or misfire once. Not once.
  13. Heh, thanks, It looks good but it makes the car pull to the left a bit. Thanks Souske. Love the Middle East theme BTW. That gun actually looks like it's taken out a few insurgents.
  14. I need some new pics of my gun. Pulling them out of this cell-phone is like pulling teeth.
  15. Chrome Beretta, yep that's mine. Your gun still looks great man, the IV is a nice touch. BiKeReX, I'm digging the green theme. I'd like to see it with a green cover on the AP.
  16. It looks awsome, but that's not the right RAS for a standard issued M16A4 MWS. You'd need an M5 RAS. The side rails don't span the entire length of the system as yours does. Not that that's a bad thing. The SAM/R has rails all the way but it's a free floating system. Example:
  17. Aw yeah, your talkin' my language with that M16. What seems to be the problem fitting the RIS?
  18. twan your SPR is just gorgeous. OU811, I want to see the pics once you get that rail cover chopped and on the gun. That'll fatten her up a bit. Love the gun.
  19. All of his links work for me and I can see the pics in his original post.
  20. Looks good. I like CQBRs still, lol. I plan on building one eventually. Edit: Or just buy a G&P,heh.
  21. Nice razor, I like the simplicity.
  22. I have that same scope on a .22 Vamp. I was wondering what it would look like on an AR, but I don't have rings for it to fit a 20mm rail. It looks pretty nice in my opinion.
  23. Yeah that is pretty. It almost looks shattered.
  24. maccrage, the more I look at that wood AR, the more I want one. It's really beautiful.
  25. Very unique maccrage, I like it.
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