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  1. Samm

    WHERE THE *fruitcage* IS GENE???

  2. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=83936
  3. Gene


    Hehe, funny to see myself quoted from a year ago! No such thing as a Kimber TRE. They make the *TLE* and the TLE/RL (railed model). TLE stands for something like "tactical law enforcement" (or something) because it's apparently an exact copy of the Kimber used by the LAPD SWAT, known as the "Custom II" or the "LAPD Custom II" (can't remember which). Hope that helps.
  4. Gene

    1911 Picture Thread

    No discussion of removal of orange tips, ok?
  5. Please continue pictures and discussion in MKII.
  6. Hopefully we're all done here. If you see people talking *beep*, report it ffs. You have no excuse.
  7. You should see the view from the top. It's got a clear split down the middle! The entire gun is two pieces!
  8. B+ for effort. VFC, Cyma, Cyma, Cyma It's an lpeg.
  9. Gene

    Armalite Pictures

    To be continued here.
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