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  1. I wish WA would make more 1911s. No, really. I mean it.

  2. There is no automated system, but we generally reduce warning levels if we notice that a user has some old warning points logged with no recent ones, or if he/she has been making helpful posts. Bribes and sexual favors are also taken into consideration.
  3. just finished watching "The Wire"... is my life now over?

  4. The reasons for suspensions are always listed in your warn log. Click the "warn status" bar under your avatar.
  5. Must...have...S&W...M&P! THE PRECIOUS!!

  6. Thread cleaned up. When possible, use the edit button to add content to a post rather than making a new one; it keeps things tidy. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  7. No. You can't. 1. Yes. 2. It has some advantages over the old one, I think-- the anonymity and lack of a comment box makes it harder to attack people and start flame wars. Last time I checked it was possible to use your entire daily quota on one person's posts, so that may have to be adjusted.
  8. elrey

    kwa 1911

    Learn how to use the search function. Learn how to post in the correct section. Use proper punctuation and grammar when you post.
  9. A moderator has hidden both of your threads, probably because you were trying using the sales forum to market a service rather than to sell your own kit.
  10. Amazing, isn't it?

  11. What he said. Back on topic?
  12. Do you think we're all complete idiots?
  13. It was worth the wait for those pictures. That's the best looking pistol I've ever seen!
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