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  1. Got a feeding problem with my R85. Insert mag, all fires well for about 10 or 20 rounds, then nothing, and then it kicks in again for 5 rounds, then nothing... Tried changing the hope rubber but no joy... Any ideas people. Gears and Piston is the original.
  2. Bought 2nd hand last year. Blowback disabled. Original piston. Still working fine. Use it twice a month for the whole day.
  3. Where can you buy a 7.4v lipo battery and what are the advantages?
  4. I'm thinking about it too, but only because I cannot be arsed to do the modifications listed here that are supposed to cure some of the problems... Anyone bought one of these "pre-moded" R85`s?
  5. The thing is, it seems a lot of the time, people tend to post only if they have a problem and are looking for a solution... There are some generous people who do the opposite, but largely, if your AEG is working fine, you probably won't be posting into this thread much. So what you read here is the ###### end of the stick... There are probably many many people out there using their R85's with few problems. I've spoken to a few on site and either they were relectuant to talk about any problems they were having or they were some of the "lucky" ones... Having said that, last year, just
  6. Here is that information from this web page on Redwolf: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=23180
  7. I've just taken delivery of an R85 in a coloured (union jack) box from Action Hobbies... It has a silver battery in there and a nice coloured manual... Not been in as far as the cocking bolt I'm afraid... Externally, the box shows no date stamps, nor does the manual.
  8. Far as I can see, it's not possible to search "inside" a thread, so if you do a search for "R85 Bushings" you will get this thread but without an indication of what page number you need. Just a thought to anyone suggesting a thread search will reveal all. Chances are, it won't. Meanwhile - Darklite on Page 22 of this thread (post No. 439) has said the bushings are 8mm. I can't find anyone that says he is wrong, but you know, remember this is a forum and information here should mostly be treated as hearsay until you know for sure yourself...
  9. Is it possible to search for specific keywords inside an acutual thread and be taken to it? I thought you could only search for keywords and then be taken to the first page of that thread. Or did you mean searching through all 57 pages of this thread?
  10. You can run Xaccers, but you can't hide!!!
  11. Okay, sounds like I need a chat with my site gunsmith - although if he reads this he will probably try to leave the country first Thanks for the link to the barrel. Do you have a link to a replacement hopup?
  12. @Domz - Thanks for the info friend, I take it you are talking about these two items from Redwolf? RWC L85A1 Piston Spacer Kit Version 2 G&G Piston w/ removed 2nd tooth for G&G L85A1 Couldn't see a 510 precision barrel though... any links for that? Last question - will the component battery listed above fit the R85, and will it work okay (by which I mean can it go a day on the field without F***ing it up?)
  13. Sorry if this has been asked before, but what sort of upgrades can be fitted to the R85? I'm thinking new battery first, but not sure where I can source one. Then new spring and tightbore.... Anyone got links to source parts like these for the R85?
  14. I don't suppose some kind soul with an R85 wants to put together an FAQ? It would really help out all of us who are just getting or about to get or thinking of getting one of these tempting AEG's...
  15. Well this could be a deal breaker for me. Any R85 owners care to make a statment on how reliable or unreliable they have found their AEG in the field?
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