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  1. How many rounds do you get out of one bulb?
  2. haven't touched the hop in mine other than adjusting it. seemed ok with .25's. On a side note, I want to reach 500fps with it. Will a straightforward spring change do the job or does anything need reinforcing/swapping out? Lastly what spring is good?
  3. Got my HP bipod some time ago, comes in handy I can say.
  4. and can it be zeroed? my clone posp can't
  5. FYI, don't get the ACM scope, pile of ######.
  6. Successfully transplanted my MP5k spring/nozzle although Maruzen MP5k dustcover etc doesn't fit into the runners correctly.
  7. I suspected the standard nozzle would be too weak, better order a guarder unit.
  8. I've not tried swapping out any furniture yet. Did have a dry fire of this last night, not sure whether it was the mag or the gun, but sometimes it wouldn't cycle. Looks like this needs the same modifications as the Maruzen.
  9. Firstly, I can't review for toffee, so here's my initial impressions Not had a chance to fire the damn thing yet so that part is yet to come. Those of you familiar with the Maruzen MP5k will know it well and its shortcomings: Leaky mags takes some upgrading to get it reliable all plastic expensive and (now) rare mags the nozzle likes do destroy itself Blowback mechanism requires a washer to make it work right <50rd magazines fast cooldown effects fires from open bolt when the real steel is a closed bolt system. pros... high rate of fire great sound rock solid (as
  10. Bell MP5j GBB sorry about the pic, can't take photos to save my life!
  11. Anyone know of a good takedown guide? never taken down a boltie before and a little gunshy about doing it without guidance.
  12. Could you gut a real steel mag and slide those internals into it? I know it'd cost a bit though.
  13. 1. rock solid, the scope rail is a little scratched after having a tightly mounted rail, but overall its pretty good. 2. Not sure on kilos, although its pretty chunky, you'll find most of the weight is in the sights though. 3. 190rd (?) highcap, used it today and it fed every round. There is a little mag wobble and you may have to get used to the highcap rattle though. I've currently got a regular scope on top of a rail adaptor atm, although I'm gonna change that for a 4x24M POSP as soon as I can afford to. You can tell the chinese and russian scopes apart due to the metallic fin
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