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  1. Now if only they could have better QC and create a consistantly good batch........
  2. That's a tad unfair really, since out of the box it does work. The only real problem I encountered with the two HK416s that I received was the magazine itself is slightly to far forward, so it has trouble aligning to the hop-up unit. When I used a regular airsoft M4 mag, it worked fine. Also, a problem with most china made guns, is that it's firing hot, both of them were firing consistently around 380FPS. Another than these minor problems, out of the box and with the 9.6V battery that it came with. It performs ok, a nice trigger response on semi, ROF isn't great but not too slow. A tough
  3. Yo, here's some pic regarding the bolt release mech. The spring looks a bit off compared to the one I have. Well here's the pics and hope they help. How it should look with the whole unit intact The spring
  4. Yeh, I am a bit worried about the nozzle not fully seating into the the hop-unit, so kinda looking into getting around that. Cos if I don't pull it forward a bit, the mags won't even load in. And it's not even the just the stock Dboys hop-up unit, it happens even with the Prometheus one I got as well. It actually seems like the gearbox just that 2mm too deep into the the receiver. I have been looking into the different lengths of nozzles but no luck at the moment. As for getting this as a platform for upgrading is great, but it seems if you leave it stock, they all have random issues to
  5. Sorry to necro post, but I recently bought 2x HK416 from RSOV, and things turned out a bit different for me. Before I made the purchase, I read through the Dboys HK416 news thread and this review, and thus I ordered parts in anticipation of the following issues, - The hop-up unit and rubber sucks. - Mag-catch issues. - Typical ACM 8.4V battery. - Spring that exceeds 350FPS. - Plastic bushing. So just for the initial phase of durability/performance upgrades, I ordered the following parts, - Prometheus NEO hop-up unit - Madbull Hop bucking - Prometheus 363mm Tight-bore
  6. It feels like some of you guys actually have more in common with airsoft shops more than most airsofters... I envy you. As for putting up a airsoft gun collection up in own my bedroom... I would love too, but I'm just picturing how any guests would react. Also I couldn't help but notice in a few collections there was a lightsaber as well.
  7. I have a P90 RD is just plain black... but... i saw this today and couldn't be arsed to check thru all 68 pages. So I'm going to post this pic anyway. P90TR in digicamo, with front quad rail mount, silencer and dual mag clamp.
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