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  1. Lol I shed some tears j/k ... The beaver tail comes with the type b.
  2. WE 1911 3.8 type B Pachmayr grips PDI palsonite 6.01mm 7" inner barrel Custom threaded outer barrel to flush mount MadBull Whisper .45 acp Guarder hi-capa 3 hole trigger on WE 1911 trigger bar
  3. sisters room lol cus she took the pic... the doll is Boo from monsters inc. movie and her b/f got it for her a while back
  4. well after 5 years of not jumping on the armalite ban wagon i finally did.... ics base madbull patriot foregrip std triangle sight vortex flash hider believe it or not but after a good amount of work on the outer barrel i acutally got a 9.6v 1400mah ni-mh bat in that foregrip and was able to retain the fuse too!!!
  5. found this on the net... not sure if it belongs here but it sure looks sexy
  6. u could get a j type bat... and if u want to stay with a 8.4v u could always make one urself.
  7. Only white gt4 look alike with a 3rd gen 3sgte, st205 rear strut bar/leather cover and side folding mirrors in Southern California perhaps the whole state. Pretty much a gt4 minus the sub-frame, awd sub-frame and drive train. Toyota never brought the st205 gt4 to the states.
  8. its an sv 3.9 sv barrel from power edge... everyone told me it would fit... but it didnt.... http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=122246 o well now i have a spacer on it and im still working past having the plastic chambers threads being striped..... i may just have to figure somethign else out i duno lol right now i have the spacer on the by the silencer as there was not enough threads on the chamber side... reason the threads became stripped..... now im thinking about getting a stell chamber and elongating the threads so i can put a spacer there.... my g
  9. its far from finished and the threaded barrel still needs some work as it was about 1/4 inch too short and thus i have a spacer to bring the silencer out to where it needs to be. I also had to shorten the guide rod by about 1/4 inch as it didnt clear the silencer initially. I plan on putting a custom 23 to 26 cm inner barrel with a high flow valve and some other goodies like a steel chamber and possibly a custom barrel since the Power Edge aluminum one is to short.
  10. yup under the moon light longer exposure as well as some editing in MS paint... thats right ms paint not photoshop as im a loser with no photoshop program lol. this was the original. front fender of the wrx taken out as well as the power lines. and after a lil ms paint and heres another one taken that night
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