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  1. RC-1138

    Glock Picture Thread

    Makes me miss my G26...
  2. RC-1138

    Pics of your Gear

    I'm a Met's fan, so I take offense to that Generally I get compared to Adam Sandler though lol.
  3. RC-1138

    Pics of your Gear

    Didnt fit in the above post:
  4. RC-1138

    Pics of your Gear

    Well I like this new loadout I got, kitlist is as follows: Blackhawk! Tactical Hat Foliage Green w/ OD Green US Flag Patch ESS Ice Black Eyepro Cavalry Bowman’s Headset OD Blackhawk! Warrior Wear Operations Jacket Foliage Green Blackhawk! Base Layer Black Eagle Industries CIRAS Medium Land Type OD Green w/: 2x Eagle Industries OD Double Magazine Pouches 1x Eagle Industries OD MBITR Radio Pouch 1x Eagle Industries OD Medical Pouch 1x Eagle Industries OD GP Pouch 1x Maxpedition MilSpec Monkey OD MCAP Pouch 1x Maxpedition MilSpec Monkey OD Small Patch Panel 1x Blackhawk! OD SERPA Holster M92FS (Attached to Tactical Pants) 1x MilSpec OD Blood Type Tape B-POS Blackhawk! OD SOLAG HD w/ Kevlar Gloves Blackhawk! Warrior Wear Tactical Pants Khaki Tan ACU Issue Tan Belt 1x Eagle Industries OD Double Pistol Magazine Pouch Knee Pads Black 5.11 Black Socks 5.11 Tactical Trainers Tundra Equipment wise I have: DBoys HK416 w/: Element Hopup Chamber Madbull Fishbone Rubber and Bucking Systema 363mm 6.02mm Tightbore Guarder SP110 Spring Systema Air Nozzle Systema Cylinder Head Eagle Industries Swift CAR15 Sling G&P M68 Red Dot Sight Knights Armament Forward Grip Surefire Tac Light KWA M92FS PTP Madbull Gas Grenade Blackhawk! MOD CQD Mark I Type E Knife Cobra FRS Radio Extendable Baton Aluminum Billet Self Defense Pen 2x IR Glow Sticks Fully Stocked Med Pouch Including a mag in the gun I can carry 15 M-mags (8 on the vest, 6 in the integrated mag pockets in the Blackhawk! pants.) Also I can carry 5, including the one in the pistol, M9 mags (2 in my integrated pouches, and 2 in the MOLLE pouch attached to my pants)
  5. RC-1138

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Hmmm I got mine for $60 USD shipped.
  6. RC-1138

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Fine: DE: Cheap plastic that bend and feel soft to the touch, wobbly externals especially in the stock and pistol grip, very visible seam lines, mediocre range (I'd say around 85-100 ft range whereas a TM gets about 110-125), all metal parts oxidize in about a day, I don't know where they bought the screws but they feel like their gona fall off any second, the internals are made of that cheap, semi-see through plastic that's inherent to Clones that has a habit of wearing very easily, the grease on the pistons is gunky. Fake ruberized features that just doesnt work Price: About $65-$80 USD TM: Hard plastics that can be misleading to the user (feels metallic, classic TM thing though), Super solid build, no creaks in my TM M3, great range without going too hot FPS wise (CQB safe), no visible seam lines, internals are top notch with silicon oil, TM's top notch hopup rubbers, and last and out last all clones (my TM is about 4 years old now and just as good as the day I bought it, and it was used) also the rubberized textured grip and pump are solid and feel great, and the pump itself doesnt feel like the gun's gona snap in two. Price: $200 USD but you can very easily find them for $150 USD at various websites. About the only complaint I've ever had against my TM shotgun is that it lacks the movable bolt face, and then that's really just nitpicking at that point. I'm sorry but for about double the price I would much rather have the TM. There's no way this DE can survive the number of skirmishes my M3's been to, both externally and internally.
  7. RC-1138

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I've used just about every brand of every gun out there (baring the ridculous ones like Ino, Trigger Happy, and the like), including in shotguns hence why it's not spouted bs, I actually have experience with these and those brands so when I say, the DE M1014 is a pos, I have something to compare it with. Even the CAW, for all it's faults, is a top notch gun and blows this thing out of the water. And you're the only one here whose brought up that I'm a cadet, how that has bearing on anything I have no idea, me disliking and not recommending a cheap shotgun has nothing to do with my rank or school. Sounds more like a petty dive like I see being a cadet as a negative or something. That or jealousy. Oh and last I checked, I'm entitled to an opinion and if I find that the DE is a pos, then that's my position. Doesn't make me wrong, just means that's what I feel and if someone feels otherwise their entitled to think that way too.
  8. RC-1138

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    If you have to say that statement, that says it all really. I dont want a gun I need to make excuse for; "Well it's only so-and-so many dollars so it's doing good for that low, low price," I don't need to make excuses for any TM's, ICS, CA, STAR, or VFC gun's I've ever own, they work and most importantly, LAST (this is where the Clones fail time and again) longer than I would expect and preform exactly where they should, with no need for self-rationalization on "Well it's doing good for the low price." I suppose it's an age old argument, ever since designed obsolescence came into the picture (Jury's out if JG does it, I am sure JLS does though, that or they don't give a ***t) people have to choose between low price and buying something twelve times or paying a heavy sum once for a high quality product that will last (what I prefer obviously). And I didn't bring rank into this, you did.
  9. RC-1138

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Exactly, and their even sub par to that. I wasn't expecting a G&P, I was expecting something... okay, but tbh it's quite terrible.
  10. RC-1138

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I have high tastes and am not easily impressed. For instance I think every single, without exception, JG, Echo 1, AGM or any MiC gun is ***t and to claim so is lack of experience or poor judgment. I didnt expect much out of this thing (I bought it to tear it up for my AESG project) and I wasn't surprised. Compared to a Tokyo Marui this is a wobbly, seam line ridden, cheap plastic made, piece of junk. Quite frankly compared to a G&P, Maruzen or Tanaka shotgun, this is something I would relegate to those clear plastic mini-aeg spring pistols sold in sporting goods stores I can't imagine who would be satisfied by this but I imagine their in need of owning AND using a few high end, well made guns.
  11. RC-1138

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Um the stock tube and the outer barrel and round tube. Trust me dont waste your money. Get a Marui. In comparison to a Marui.... there is no comparison really, dont get the DE.
  12. RC-1138

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    DE M4. Fun to look at and that's about it :S
  13. RC-1138

    Pics of your Gear

    I remember that. We had to run the IOCT in our M40's once.... just look up IOCT on youtube and be horrified....
  14. RC-1138

    Pics of your Gear

    My new gas mask setup for when I decide to use smokes as a primary (I launch them out of a standalone 203 tube w/ CO2 shells w/ no bb's. A bit of wadding and it makes a great smoke motor). I'm going to see if I can get inpact-proof lenses for it but I'm not holding my breath....

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