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  1. I still lurk time to time, play regularly where I live (Buffalo, NY, USA). I've recently started teching so I might restart writing reviews. I'm having a love affair with the new ICS MARS II's.
  2. Hey, I saw the pic of you with a G&P Military Distress Marker on your helmet. How did you get it on there?

  3. So if a review database returns, is it likely we'll have to repost our reviews/products (if so I'm glad I saved 90% of them in a word.doc)? I ask because the 10% I didn't save I'd find time to rewrite while I wait for the system to return.
  4. I've waited a good month but I gotta say something; what happened the review database? We put alot of effort into that, I had a good 35-36 detailed, fully pictured reviews on there, Orca had hundreds, and what? Poof? Gone? Is it ever going to come back the way it was or are we going to have to reupload all our products... or is it gone for good? I've tried to find answers but I really couldn't.
  5. Makes me miss my G26...
  6. I thought the M4 was, I recognized the body. I personally think the KA is one of the best stock M4 AEG's ever made.
  7. Aww, finally someone else who understands the beauty in simplicity lol. Whose the Maker? KA?
  8. I'm a Met's fan, so I take offense to that Generally I get compared to Adam Sandler though lol.
  9. Even the SPAS? Classic soft rarity lol.
  10. You don't happen to know a Rick Tubbs do you?
  11. How's the action? I've always had auto's that wear on me which is why I always get regular folders (I opted out of getting the auto Mark I even though I have the MilID to buy one) but I have wanted an H&K knife from the day I found out they made them.
  12. The weapon part of it was based primarily on disarming and countering hand to hand weapons, as in how to use a knife wielding attacker's own weapon against him.
  13. It's an Army thing. Close Quarter's Combat Certified Level II, it's the Army's hand-to-hand combat training. All troops take level one in basic, and officers generally are expect to take Level 2 and level 3 is invitation only based on you're unit, although West Pointer's do get to go on occasion. Level 2 has a whole week of Knife combat though that's really interesting. It's kinda like the Marine Hand-to-Hand only we don't hand out special colored belts lol.
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