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  1. It hasn't been banned. Its supposedly going through ATF testing...so in a year or 2 it'll be banned.
  2. My maruzen works better out of the box than any of the M4's so far Also Shi...when I sent that to the person you bought it from it worked perfectly fine. Funny though when you think about how he keeps most of his stuff for what a week or two before ditching it period.
  3. When someone comes out with a Sub 60 dollar mag, I'll look at the WA system again....till then its a true working gas smg for me.
  4. If someone made a MP7 I'd kill for it
  5. Sorry I call BS. I don't see how its possibly for the way the WE is built for the brass chamber to have twisted horribly out of shape. Pics or it didn't happen. There's still one fatal flaw no matter what parts you replace on the G&P M4 GBB....it still uses over priced WA mags that completely suck for GG.
  6. .25's shot fine with mine at 450ish.
  7. Awesome seller, Products are priced very well, and super fast on shipping.

  8. Ya I tried that...had the damn thing locked in a vice grip. No joy on getting it out.
  9. I don't think its worth messing with. Swappable bolts is a better way that won't potentially break the gun as a hole.
  10. Ya I was curious about that as well. How ever they put it on its impossible for me to get it off :/
  11. Yup its a Gen1. Bought it off of Jin. For everyone the only reason I'm parting with it is because the Wife wants a USC/UMP(Real Steel).
  12. Ya I know. I'd probably sell it all for $290 shipped.
  13. Latch on the charging handle just broke :/ Anyone want to buy a WE M4 with one working mag, and one mag that leaks?
  14. \I HIGHLY recommend giving the bearing fps limiter a pass. How ever they put that piston head on there I can't get it off and I messed up the rod it attached to :/
  15. I'll try that FPS mod tomorrow when the parts get in
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