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  1. Is there any open bolt kit for the WE 416?
  2. How do you play whit a shell ejecting gun? Do you have sometype of shellcatcher?
  3. I hope so. Anyway to fix the mag myself? It doesn't feed. I have goten it to fire 1-10bbs sometimes but most of the time it is just dead.
  4. 375 damn expensive. Echo1 need to give me one for free.
  5. I just bought one and my damn mag wont feed. Wth is wrong whit it and where can i buy a new one?
  6. i did order one Hope i will like it. Got it from rsov express 1 tm g36k, 2 batteries and 1 ris foregrip, USD 524 so it was a good price i think
  7. HAs anyone come up whit a good way to get midcaps?
  8. hymer

    AGM M4 GBB

    Does the PGC hop-up fit straight on? What barrel lenght shall i use? And does the RA-T Complete naps bolt fit? I am not so handy so if it is not a direct fit screw it =) Btw i have fierd about 500bbs and not a single problem exept the bolt stop doesent work at all.
  9. hymer

    AGM M4 GBB

    My mag broke on the first fill whit greengas. Now it just dumps all the gas when i try to refil =( What is wrong? What mags can handle green gas? GHK or Bomber? Also Ebaybanned forgott to send my acog =(
  10. hymer

    AGM M4 GBB

    MDK: Nice plz do that =) I dont have the time do do a full review.
  11. hymer

    AGM M4 GBB

    I will pick my DD AGM M4 up today. It has been in the customs hands for 9 days now Hope it will be good
  12. hymer

    AGM M4 GBB

    Please write how you did mod the mag and blot catch. Pictures
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