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  1. MrM60

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Halo=Ring. Not planet. /nerd
  2. MrM60

    FN Picture Thread

    Wow, VERY nice FAL, and 240B.
  3. MrM60

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Yes, when it is hot
  4. MrM60

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    ACM Sawed off 870. Those G&P short mags are complete junk. I broke both just trying to get them out of the magwell.
  5. MrM60

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    It's not, but there is a guide on ASF on how to modify it to fit.
  6. MrM60

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    my AIMS-
  7. MrM60

    Echo 1 M240 Bravo

    UPDATE: Got my M240 back from Echo 1. They fixed the stock, charging handle and wiring for free. When I plugged the battery it was fine, then I slid on the stock, and it started firing without me pulling the trigger. I slid the stock out, and it ripped off the wire from the trigger switch, and it cut off a tab. It's a $50 replacement. FML
  8. MrM60

    Echo 1 M240 Bravo

    Yup, that's how I sliced my wire. You have to push the mosfet far back into the gun.
  9. MrM60

    Echo 1 M240 Bravo

    That looks SWEET! Hawkins, are you getting any of my PMs? Im sending them, but they aren't getting through.... Update on the M240: Echo 1 agreed to fix it ( hopefully ) and I just shipped it off a few days ago to get the replacement parts ( hopefully free ).
  10. MrM60

    Echo 1 M240 Bravo

    Haven't got too yet. But it shouldn't be hard, since I run around with a SG Barrett M82A1.
  11. MrM60

    Echo 1 M240 Bravo

    RS stock won't fit without lots of modification. I did demand a free replacement. Echo 1 hasn't gotten back to me yet.
  12. MrM60

    Echo 1 M240 Bravo

    Anyways, to fix my gun, it will cost $150. Stock is $80 Charging handle is $25 and so is the wire harness. Poop.
  13. MrM60

    Echo 1 M240 Bravo

    I've always been taught that potmetal=crappy metal.
  14. MrM60

    Pics of your Gear

    Woodland BDU Pants Wife beater ( usually black ) Flak jacket vest fingerless gloves army issue jungle boots shemagh Romanian AIMs Don't mind wrinkly pants, this was after getting back from a game.

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