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  1. WhutJP

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Me, playin in THIS event.
  2. WhutJP

    What music are you currently listening to?

    I'm listening to whatever the iTunes genius brings up, seriously, its crazy good.
  3. WhutJP

    SMG Picture Thread

    no. unless you made an adapter yourself. kinda sucks but yeah, im waiting on KSC to make the silencer - their site says that it is still under development.
  4. WhutJP

    SMG Picture Thread

    cheers all. Performance was pretty damn good, I use hfc134a (no green in japan), and the range was about that of an mp7. Bear in mind though that it was a hot day; ~30 degrees c. Had no functionality problems with it at all. Can't wait til they release the silencer for it.
  5. WhutJP

    SMG Picture Thread

    Skirmished with it for the first time yesterday - it was awesomesauce. This gun is so much fun!
  6. WhutJP

    Revolver Picture Thread

    nice! was getting the wood grips on hard? did you have to mess around a bit to accommodate the gas tank?
  7. WhutJP

    SMG Picture Thread

  8. WhutJP

    Glock Picture Thread

    TMg17 and KSCg18
  9. WhutJP

    What's your backup?

    normally i use either a TMg17 which is all plastic and costs more than a chinese kid makes in a month, or my tm1911 delta elite (pgc kit). but since its gotten colder now and the gas aint workin too good, i have an MP7 which does me just fine thank you very much.
  10. WhutJP

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    :o :o :o :o why.. oh dear lord why did you paint over the receiver?
  11. WhutJP

    SMG Picture Thread

    sigh.. i just missed out on buying a second hand ksc tmp for 80 bucks the other day, a guy bought it about 1/2hr before i went in to the shop. so gutted. oh, and Fishsquatch, how do you find carrying around the skorpion? I have a friend who was considering one as a back up for when its too cold for pistols.
  12. WhutJP

    Revolver Picture Thread

    banned in japan? when did that happen? and where can i find more info on it? (a quick google didnt help me) also, do you know why? i thought they would only ban it if someone could modify it to fire a live round
  13. WhutJP

    Artistic Airsoft

    These were taken and photoshopped on my cell phone. yep thats right, my phone has photoshop filters. yay japan.
  14. WhutJP

    SIG Picture Thread

    My new darling arrived today. she is so very sexy.
  15. WhutJP

    Glock Picture Thread

    nice 23f.. how does it perform?

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