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  1. I've been messing around with square framing recently, and here's a few I've done it to.
  2. Nice shots sigma! I just recently got an old Nikon FE film SLR camera, so I'm gonna post some film shots I took.
  3. Trasher those are really awesome, some cool perspectives in that set. Anyways here some from a recent holiday to indonesia - Borobudur Temple.
  4. When Sheep Can't Sleep A new 35mm lens, and a bit of paper - custom Bokeh. good fun.
  5. quick answer: Low ISO means clearer, crisper image (less noise). However low ISO requires more light (wide aperture or slow shutter speeds, or a flash) High ISO means fuzzier, grainier (more noise). But the advantage is that it requires less light, so a faster shutter speed or narrower aperture can be used. Generally speaking: Bright sunny days: low ISO Indoors or at night: High ISO
  6. really? I thought it looked about right. more exposure would've blown out the signs I think. anyways, two more.
  7. taken at 200mm at night handheld. Turned out not too bad considering.
  8. Nice, I like the one of the ferris wheel. And the close up of the capitol building.
  9. Lenses arrived, had a bit of a play with them this avo. They both seem pretty sweet, they do what they say they do and the quality seems just fine. I bet nit picking experts could find things to be bothered about but as far as I'm concerned - they're good lenses. The 90's auto focus speed is pretty fast too, doesn't seem to get caught or anything. Anyways, here's some pics, first a couple from the wide angle then a few from the 90mm. Bear in mind that this was about 4:30pm on a mostly cloudy day (occasional seconds of sunshine kind of day), and only of stuff near my house, so
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