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  1. G&G gas tube is a little shorter than a standard RS AK gas tube, but I managed to modifiy one to fit. The G&G gas tube has a closed area where the mock piston hits and comes to a stop. Removing this shouldn't be a problem, just means that the area forward the bolt and rear sight block area is now taking full force of the bolt closing. Can't really see it, but it narrows.
  2. Yeah, wobble not normal at all. Is that piece rubber? It sort of looks like a smaller version of the rubber piece for the mag well that makes mags a snug fit so that they don't wobble about, that is in the G&G AK's.
  3. I made a discovery some time ago. You can take your G&G RK03/04 bolt and with some force twist of the little gas piston and with some drilling to open up the opening and jam a real full length AK piston. Like real AK piston installation you drill a hole through the bolt and put a screw through to hold the piston in place. Also you can put a real gas tube on there but takes a bit of cutting on one end and doesn't quite line up with the lower hand guard retainer. Though I must say, if you can go G&G bolt with the gas piston mod, do it. The rack is just simply amazing and louder than that
  4. Na, The receiver is still sitting in a box somewhere. Should have used a Real Sword GB. Now that I has money, I plan on eventually using the receiver in conjunction with Daytonagun internals. If I'm gonna throw money down for DG internals, gonna do it up pro style.
  5. Been a long time, can't remember what I've posted before. Well here we go..... East German Action ICS'ed up AK47. Quite easy to make your ICS take TM style barrel Under folder conversion to the above First attempt at a Khyber Pass before everyone else started making theirs. More or less successful yet postponed home build. for lulz My current companion.
  6. Haven't posted on arnie's since forever so.... All a man really needs. Flora and PKM. Flora, RD-54, VDV beret Oh yes.. Got a bargain on two Polish mag pouches in Pantera. KZS-1, 4 cell Chicom, RD-54 EDIT: Although my sewing skills aren't that great, I made something for halloween this year. Meet our youngest comrade:
  7. If GHK gets around to doing 7.62 gas mags, then I'm going to do another build and stick GHK internals in it, I think that would be great.
  8. Actually put in some work on this today. Fitted the gearbox, fitted the Romanian trigger guard, fitted selector lever, fitted G&G bolt, fitted the top cover. In the process of mounting the stock / stock trunnion permanently. Sad to say my calculation on some measurements were off, which has made mounting the stock harder and probably not as sturdy as I would like it to be. Still have to re work the G&G hop up unit and inner barrel. After that it's all about getting a paint job on the receiver and hollowing out the stock. Not too bad for a test build.
  9. Yeah, TM compatible gearbox, using a modified inner barrel and hop up unit.
  10. It was an award AK for some special service. I can't remember exactly what.
  11. http://www.intrudershop.com.tw/redalert/en...her_brands.html Scroll down. Not a bad way to spend $250
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