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  1. Agree with the post above. TopSpin was a good buyer. Good communication and paid right away.

  2. Great seller. Good communication and shipped out next day after payment.

  3. One is old and the other isn't that old/used. They both have problems fitting properly, without grime and/or gunk.
  4. Yes. And I just got a response back saying that this is normal "slight tolerance" and that I should lightly sand the rails...which would mean that I would need to disassemble the whole damn thing. I'm not happy right now.
  5. Did anyone have any issues with installing the kit? I tried two different slides, one a KWA and one a KSC and they were both really tight and wouldn't slide freely. I actually managed to sand down the slide rails on the upper to make it fit and slide back and forth freely, but it doesn't shoot properly. It will shoot about half of the BBs out, then stop feeding. Will still blowback, but not strong enough to chamber the next round. Did I get a defective kit? Does anyone know how Redwolf handles returns? Do you have to pay for postage?
  6. My mags from ebaybanned finally arrived yesterday. 2.5 weeks from time of order. I guess it's not too bad.
  7. It seems that Ehobby just dropped their prices on the KSC 40 round mags: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/ksc-40rd-long-m...b-system-7.html Shipping is still kind of high though.
  8. Good news: Ebaybanned just started carrying the MP7 and the 40 round mags which are both IN STOCK for $50 USD with free shipping. I just ordered two and may get more. http://www.ebairsoft.com/long-magazine-mp7a1-p-2978.html Hope it doesn't take a month to get here. I'm guessing that since they got them in stock, other places will start to follow.
  9. that's some serious price gouging. AirsoftGI offers free shipping and has coupons, so I probably paid less than $30 each of the two I bought because I was able to get over $100 with some other stuff that I needed. I'm hoping that they'll get the long mags in stock soon.
  10. in the video, it says to heat it with a hair dryer. Mine was actually pretty easy to install.
  11. Any ETA on the long mags? I got the short ones from ASGI yesterday and they're pretty nice, but I need some long ones. Evike just changed their ETA date to sometime in April from Feb 26th.
  12. where do you buy the silencer adapter? I'd like to put a tracer unit on mine. ...hmm...I wonder if I could make one with some tubing from a hardware store.
  13. Just got one. I'm 5'11" and about 175-180lbs. I hate really loose things, so I measured very carefully when ordering and decided to go with medium instead of large. I'm glad I did as it fits like a glove with little room to spare (in case I want to layer up). I tried it on with a fleece underneath and it was a little tight, but not uncomfortable. The only part that is slightly tight is in the armpit area. I do have fairly broad shoulders.
  14. The short mags are available at AirsoftGI for $32. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=6325 I'm holding out for the long ones. I hope they become available soon.
  15. that's a bummer. Then what's the best place anywhere to buy them? (i.e. cheapest for 3 or 4 shipped to the US)
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