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  1. I germany you can get it almost everywhere. Semi auto only though. No idea how they converted it, but you can't get the fireselector in the FA mode, something seems to block it. In case you haven't seen it, here's a pic of the bolt carrier. In daylight it appears to be painted in a very dark ODish green. Kinda weird, but normally it appears to be black, so no biggie.
  2. I don't know about the buffer tube, but a fellow german user compared the pistol grip to the real one and said they are looking absolutely the same.
  3. Here are some more pics of the interals. (there is no acutal corroison on any parts, it's caused by the flash) I fired less than 100 rounds with it.
  4. I ok, I just took it to the chrono. Circumstances were a bit of the regular way, but still worth mentioning. With the shortened 10" barrel, 0.25 BBs and a magazin half charged with Abbey Predator Ultra gas it clocked in at steady 360 FPS. So I estimate that it will shoot around 450 FPS with the full lengh barrel, 0.2s and greengas. Regular, sadly, GBBR average.
  5. Well, interesting to say the least.
  6. AEG Shells do not fit!! Another 416 owner tried it already, but I can't confirm if that's a valid information or not.
  7. To be honest, I just screwed the outer barrel out and took a hecksaw to the inner barrel. Did it on several rifles already, works fine for me. And the silver spacer is made by a friend. You need a spacer or some shims, otherwise the flashhider will not screw down all the way to sit flush on the gasblock. About the steel part, I have to dig for a magnet, but I'll find one. So magnet and chrono readings yet to come!
  8. I don't own any WA mags, but I'll keep my eyes open for a used one. But for reference, I bought some VFC M4 mags für around $42 shipped from Tokyo Model, I don't think I ever saw cheaper mags.
  9. I haven't had a change to really hard test it, so I can't say much about durability. The thing when I got it was, that the BGC showed signs of use, meaning some paint at the bottom had already been scratched off. I guess it's from testfiring which is a proof of quality control in my book and since the BGC is painted it will start showing wear and tear either way. But those sign of use haven't changed since. The interal at least look quite promising and everything is running very very smooth, you can try to move the Bolt carrier back and forth as slow as you can, there won't be any hick
  10. Well I haven't taken it to the chrono yet, but I will this afternoon, I expect around 380FPS with .2s and Abbey Predator Gas. And no, I haven't seen a NPAS either yet. Further I have no idea why the worldwide release is taking so long, I think it was released in germany sometime around May. Compared to the 416, the KWA MP7 hit the worldwide market about a month after the german release. And yes, it does take AEG barrel, I'm pretty sure it has the standard AEG 416 barrel installed. According to the stock, there are storage tubes that take AA batteries easily, so an AEG battery might fi
  11. VFC 416, this time with Gemtech surpressor.
  12. No need sir, I had these grips myself but held on to my stock marui grips.
  13. Oh dude that's so nice. But those Hogue grips are kinda on the thicker side, aren't they?
  14. I had a G&P slide once and was really impressed. First of all it had a almost 2 inch long "scar" on one side, pretty deep, looked like a crack. And the finish was too dull. Look at real Glock, their tannifer-(or whatever it's called) finish is pretty shiny as well.
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