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  1. I understand that but there's a picture I saw awhile back of a PJ hunched over on his shins working on something and he has an AOR1 PC on, I just can't find the picture...
  2. Pararescue also is issued AOR1, uniforms at least. There was a picture somewhere with a PJ wearing an AOR1 rig as well somewhere.
  3. Or http://www.mayflower-rc.org/store/index.php?c=0&p=70
  4. I had not read the fine print, thanks for the heads up! I can pick it up locally now...
  5. Darn, I'll have to be content with $175 with 20% off.
  6. Sweet, I'll go with the 401! Can't say I've seen them for less then $100 though, not sure where you found them for that price (REI says $175 but I do have the dividend and 20% off). I like the LBT one, I just gotta get down South Side to get one. Thanks!
  7. looks too dang cold for a combat shirt!
  8. Oh, my bad, didn't notice that till you said something. But I'm sure they'd put it on a 2001 too.
  9. Can't say anything about the first, but the second...
  10. There are picture from 2008-09 with DEVGRU in Arcteryx, so I'd say it's pretty safe to say CAG had it too, and still does.
  11. I should think so, it was out back then, and Arcteryx is considered the best on the market.
  12. If it's CAG they probably would be using Arcteryx LEAF or Wild Things Tactical stuff.
  13. I've had my KWA for about 5-6 years, no issues, very strong and accurate still. Taken a beating and is still going, it's out lasted my primary weapons. I've only had to replace the plastic mag catch for a metal one. I'd go with a KWA/KCS
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