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  1. Is that an HPC or a FAPC on the guy on the left?
  2. I used to have one, but got rid of it as it always felt too small, not enough real estate on it. It was, however, very adjustable and available for a good price. It was just not my thing, favor my RRV and SKD chest rig.
  3. No, the Eagle SKD rig. Doubt it's used, but I'm getting one in a trade and was curious.
  4. Do CB Eagle chest rigs see use with AFSOC?
  5. My light kit for warmer days, go with a recon wrap and PX-brand sweat wicking shirt instead of my kevlar and blouse.
  6. Yeah, I've spoken to him. He is an instructor at Hurlburt Field.
  7. I think I remember seeing some pics of Army SOF personnel using Blackhawk H-Harnesses, believe I saw it on Wannabe but can't find them. Does anyone have any?
  8. Well, here's a pic of mine, as promised. Still some stuff to get though
  9. Just figured there is now a RAV thread, let's get some RRV p0rn. I will post pics of mine tomorrow
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