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  1. That's a good idea. I have to redo mine at an angle since it's really uncomfortable to hold as it is. The more slanted you can make it, the better!
  2. Thanks guys. Lots of info about how to put together something like that here:http://www.hardcoil.net/airsoft/guns/xa23.html
  3. I think it's important to mention here that I TOTALLY lack craftmanship skills, and this is an example of what really untalented people can do if you just think a lot and have some patience
  4. The gun I have in my sig. P90/FAMAS with a sprinkle of G36C and lots of plasticard: Not quite finished, but I seem to have hit a wall with it since I accidently destroyed the gearbox. It really isn't as ergonomic as I wanted it to be. I really want to add some kind of more or less vertical front grip, but it's hard without it looking stupid
  5. I've never seen a picture of them where they offered ANY camo value. Actually they seem to emphasize that there is a person there. They do look cool, they remind me of starship troopers for some reason?!
  6. So strange person from a foreign land... tell me more about this secret place.
  7. It's a trijicon reflex. It's not a scope, it's a red-dot, and a really good one at that. I bought mine here: www.uws.com
  8. Ze ztormtrooper of ze future Yes, I need OD versions of the TT mag pouches, I was just trying them out
  9. Actually I dropped the whole lever thing. It's electronically controlled now via a MOS-FET transistor. Darkwolf: That looks pretty sweet... how about a bullpup version?
  10. Heh thanks for posting my gun guys I guess that just proves what all this messing around in photoshpo can lead to Here's the original photo-manip that started the project: (and the URL is www.hardcoil.net/airsoft - don't have a fancy domain name yet)
  11. Anyone have a link to a good propane can source in the EU? Everything I can find in Denmark is 70/30 Butane/Propane
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