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  1. Slick looking CIRAS there. How do you like the arm protectors? And Hendrix, why the face?? hahah
  2. @1st Shooter- Hahah, yeah, well thats all photobucket had to cover/modify so my face was not clear. I am not completely comfortable putting my actual face up on Arnies, mainly due to the fact its worldwide. but thanks though.
  3. Alright, this is my current kit. Its not nescesarily replicating anything. This is gear that i find Works and is comfortable and light enough for longer OPs. I run a CA M15A4, a CAW M1014. Both upgraded a bit. Kitlist on request. PLanning on a Few things. namely, actual IFAK pouch to replace SAW puch(used as IFAK) Dual pistol magazine pouch for 90 rnd speedloaders. An MBITR replace and pouch to shove a radio in. Along with either a Devgru headset. Sennstrom
  4. This is my current kit. Just got some of the gear this morning, in fact. Thought his weekend I am going to roll around in some mud and dirt this weekend. And... Kitlist on request. Its nothing special. Sennstrom
  5. RSP, That was almost immediately after I returned home from a game. thought it looked pretty cool with the dirt and mud. Snapped a few photos, then cleaned the mud off. I personally only clean my weapons inner barrel and gearbox. Anything else I.E. dirt and mud. I don't care to clean it off. My philosophy is, if you want your weapons clean and your gear pristine. Then chairsoft. Sennstrom
  6. Well this is my baby, my M249, Marena. This is her back when she was pristine: This is here more recently, after almost a year of hard play. None of the wear is artificial. This is my current Primary, bone-stock CA M15A4, Ignore the Terrible artificial wear, the previous owner did that. Sennstrom
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