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  1. i got it today about same time, as you posted yours i could not access to here for 30mins to 1 hour span. Just got database errors.
  2. ive had some issues also last couple days both my morning times, not sure what time in US. Database error or just not connecting.
  3. i knew it just wanted to clarify for other forumites haha sorry.
  4. when sending pms its missing half the page pretty hard to see what writing
  5. Nice Review! but sent inside a envelope? that is pretty shoddy...Should have used a proper box for it, ive seen IBH helmets crack like an egg before with some friends, thanks to no good packing.
  6. Its more like of a Spam sorry, But how to turn this off? and should it be asked from people first before putting it "automatic" to everyone?
  7. Inside Hong Kong they have real bad reputation but look for more reviews anyways, never trust for 1 or 2 if you really want to buy from them.
    1. bulmedius


      ######, double post -.- sorry about that. cop9 says at the bottom of the page that this will only be coming out on march 2012, you think you could confirm this?

  8. Bell 1911 might be discontinued but Tercel 1911 certainly is not, There was last year some Bell stock re-surfaced as i think some wholesalers in china still have some old stock left, but Tercel is alive and kicking and i do not see any reason why they wouldnt make it, i'm 100% they continue make it, not discontinued.
  9. HK sites are just being greedy, its available for way less money there.
  10. wholesalers here swear its China gun, and so cheap i couldnt even imagine could be made in Taiwan, its very cheap in wholesale the price. Impossible to be Taiwan made for that price range.
  11. i see it on the wholesalers order list already, should be released soon in Hong Kong
  12. Dboys Scar-H is out, is just Exclusive for first few months to E1, I'm pretty sure this is Dboys which is a copy of VFC.All the latest models Dboys have been copying is VFC like the Aks and such.
  13. Okay thanks alot that's what I was hoping to hear!

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