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  1. The JG 416's are starting to trickle back into HK retailers, pick one those up instead.
  2. carbon fiber serpa for me kjw 92 :D

  3. good to see that they've been keeping up with QC. naw the PMC staff we're pretty good, never had a problem with them
  4. Not true, PMC training rented out KJ's before it shut down. Which university is this? have you gotten a lemon in any of these?
  5. Email: service@realsword.com.hk
  6. you can buy from Real Sword directly
  7. stuck between an ACM safariland and a real serpa for my m9 ._.

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    2. Banshee_Will


      Buy a real safari land? They are lot better than a slurpa.

    3. bulmedius


      im trying to not buy a holster thats more expensive than my pistol

    4. TeowneD


      Serpa dude, get it at Supreme or hero arms i think they have em cheaper at hero

  8. A bit of a necro, but i didnt feel as if this question deserved a new thread, whats the ROF like on an 8.4v battery? i see that intellect makes them for the type 97
  9. i can't seem to edit my original post but i was wondering if the tm glock 17 would fit a glock 21 serpa as it doesnt fit the glock 17 serpa
  10. what type of hopup rubbers can the mp9 take?
  11. i was wondering what the difference was between the third generation glock 17 and the TM custom glock 17s with the foliage/sand lowers were edit: internally i mean, not externally http://www.dentrinityshop.com/pr_details.jsp?pid=14889| http://www.dentrinityshop.com/pr_details.jsp?pid=10745
  12. i have issues with my mp9 overhopping 0.25s with 134a..
  13. I remember seeing RA-tech announce one, not sure what happened to that though
  14. doesnt look any stronger.. might give it the go if i have extra cash
  15. http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=30900 thoughts?
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