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  1. is quitting airsoft. Check out my for sale thread!

  2. The_AUGfather

    KJW M4

    I also read they should drop in to a RS PMAG or STANAG magazine? What's the update on these magazines? :) :)
  3. The_AUGfather

    KJW M4

    Thanks for the answers. Wow 150-225' range in STOCK form? What are the results after using the Madbull barrel and hopup modifications? What is the stock recoil similar to? I've fired a WA/WOC, as well as AR-15s and .22s Where in the spectrum of recoil does it fit in? AEG--- .22 -------WOC ---------------------- AR-15
  4. The_AUGfather

    KJW M4

    Thanks for the speedy reply! Good to know, so I can save my favorite stock! The link'd "Noveske" 10" was an ACM from t-tiger of ASF. Madbull clone I suspect. If all goes well, my AUG will be my backup and only other weapon
  5. The_AUGfather

    KJW M4

    I want THAT. Whats your part list? I am looking to buy a KJW now, I've researched WEs, WA/WOCs & AGMs.. I want a KJW now. What was the FPS in that test setup? What is the rate of fire (@ 400~FPS)? RS M4s are around 750-900 BB/min. The videos I have seen show the KJW needing several seconds to unload a magazine. Does the KJW have standard TM/CA/etc receiver threads? I want to mount this. Will it work? Will an ACM UBR stock fit (comes with its own buffer-tube)? Has anyone been able to tune it for more recoil? After reliability and accuracy, I'm looking for realistic recoil. I realize airsoft GBBRs will have limitations, but does the velocity reducer from Cradle Airsoft serve as an NPAS? -- decreasing FPS but increasing recoil? If not, has anyone been able to increase the recoil without demolishing reliability?
  6. Quick shipping! Thanks man


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