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  1. is quitting airsoft. Check out my for sale thread!

  2. I also read they should drop in to a RS PMAG or STANAG magazine? What's the update on these magazines? :) :)
  3. Thanks for the answers. Wow 150-225' range in STOCK form? What are the results after using the Madbull barrel and hopup modifications? What is the stock recoil similar to? I've fired a WA/WOC, as well as AR-15s and .22s Where in the spectrum of recoil does it fit in? AEG--- .22 -------WOC ---------------------- AR-15
  4. Thanks for the speedy reply! Good to know, so I can save my favorite stock! The link'd "Noveske" 10" was an ACM from t-tiger of ASF. Madbull clone I suspect. If all goes well, my AUG will be my backup and only other weapon
  5. I want THAT. Whats your part list? I am looking to buy a KJW now, I've researched WEs, WA/WOCs & AGMs.. I want a KJW now. What was the FPS in that test setup? What is the rate of fire (@ 400~FPS)? RS M4s are around 750-900 BB/min. The videos I have seen show the KJW needing several seconds to unload a magazine. Does the KJW have standard TM/CA/etc receiver threads? I want to mount this. Will it work? Will an ACM UBR stock fit (comes with its own buffer-tube)? Has anyone been able to tune it for more recoil? After reliability and accuracy, I'm looking for reali
  6. Thanks for the advice! How many cycles do you estimate you've put it through in 5 months? Or how many rounds a weekend do you go thru? To anyone who has owned both: Hows the AGM with upgrades compare to the KJW? In your edit you mentioned getting an INO nozzle and bolt, is there a place where i could get ALL the steel items (the ones you mentioned) and the INO parts? And the stock tube is plastic...? Will an ACM UBR stock tube (GBB version) fit the AGM lower?
  7. Thanks for the fast reply! Is there a cheaper alternative (of the same or similar quality) if I bought ACM parts? I'd be running GG or Propane+silicone-oil I read that Element and other Chinese manufacturers jumped in the game with RAtech... I read about $8 NPASs (hah no thanks!) and cheap boltstops so I'm hoping there are cheap alternatives to the trigger-group-parts. I am trying to budget everything (AGM M4 with solid internals, good accuracy (2' grouping @ 150-200') and 5x ProWin mags for under $500 if possible) I'd consider buying used too if anyone is selling parts o
  8. Forgive me, but I'd rather ask and risk being berated than sift through 105 pages of material. How have the AGMs held up over time? Say... 5-10k+ cycles? 20k? 30k? What parts are wearing out or need immediate replacement? I am looking at buying this. http://en.ratech.com.tw/product/rag/ra_cus...ustome_work.php Comes with: * RA-TECH M4 HopUp Chamber (Parity version) * NPAS kit * free shipping * extra gift : Inokatsu original steel complete bolt What else would I need to get it reliable and accurate to 150-175feet ( ~2 foot groupin
  9. Quick shipping! Thanks man

  10. I'm not a fan of the AUG mags either, thats why I made a STANAG stock for it.
  11. Go to hell. Figure it out for yourself smartass.
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