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  1. I shot over 15,000 rounds through mine in under a year before it broke, using green gas. But perhaps that was just luck.
  2. So I got the replacement hopup chamber for my busted Five-seveN, but I discovered another problem. The arm on the front that holds the blowback unit spring in place is broken off. How it could have possibly broken off without me noticing is a mystery to me. Are there replacements available anywhere on the internet? I'm going to need a whole new piston. The part number is FN-15. But as for my 2 newer Five-seveNs, I successfully installed PDI piston heads in both of them. I was only expecting a 10 fps upgrade at most, but my primary Five-seveN with the PDI 6.01 barrel jumped up by almo
  3. What about that ejection port cover? Did you ever get one of those in? I'm still looking for one.
  4. Don't fret, all is not lost. http://http://echigoya-guns.com/guns/index.php?route=product/product&path=61&product_id=312
  5. Just ordered a ton of spare parts for my Five-seveNs. Now I can finally do my own upgrades and not have to worry so much about ruining them!

  6. Are there any picture guides or diagrams that show how to correctly reinstall the blowback unit and its spring? I'm going to order the MAG spring kit, but I want to make sure I don't mangle the new spring when I put it in there.
  7. Yeah, that's around what my Five-seveN was shooting back when it just had the Nine Ball 6.03. I've since added the Nine Ball hopup bucking, and I'm putting a PDI Palsonite 6.01 in the new one, so I'm hoping to get at least 315 FPS out of it. It'll be here later this week, so I'll just have to wait and see.
  8. Yeah, I'd love to know what that's shooting at. The field I play at has a 350 FPS limit, so I've got a ways to before hitting the cap. It has been a while since I've chrono'd any of my guns though, so I might bring my currently working Five-seveN down there tomorrow and check it out. How do you like the Nine Ball smooth recoil ring? Does it actually make a noticeable difference? The site you linked me with the Airsoft Surgeon spring actually has them in stock (they're out everywhere else I looked), so I'm contemplating adding that to my build too.
  9. Hmm. I had been hoping to squeeze a bit more FPS out of it, since my currently working one was shooting about 310 with a Nine Ball hopup rubber and tightbore. I ordered my new Five-seveN with a PDI Palsonite 6.01 tightbore, so I'll have to see how that performs (it'll have a Nine Ball hopup rubber too). If I'm still not satisfied with the FPS from that, then I guess that's when I'll upgrade to the PDI piston head. I'm just glad to know that the BBU spring comes in that MAG spring set, because I'll have a total of 3 working (and upgraded) Five-seveNs once I get this one fixed. It's definit
  10. I totally forgot about the MAG replacement spring set! That should be all I need to get it up and running again. It's actually still in semi-working condition, even with the spring all screwed up, but it hiccups sometimes because the loading nozzle isn't springing back into its normal position (I put the barrel assembly from my newer Five-seveN into it for testing purposes). Now that I know that the spring is replaceable, I'm contemplating getting the PDI piston head for my new Five-seveN that's on the way. For those of you who have it, do you think it's a worthwhile upgrade?
  11. I'll see if I can get Megalomaniac to do that for me. I trust him more with that sort of thing than I trust myself. I was looking at the blowback unit just a but ago, and noticed that the spring for it was sticking out a bit. Following the Toy Gun Disassembly Guide, I got the BBU out and found that the spring was pretty mangled. Do I have any kind of options for replacing that? Or is there some way to repair the spring?
  12. The sealant fix does that? Wish I'd read this thread more thoroughly before I went and ordered 3 spare chambers. Still, I do like being able to take apart my barrel assembly to swap out or install new upgrade parts, so perhaps I'll wait to do the sealant fix until I've decided on permanent upgrades or run out of chambers.
  13. Nope. It's been running on Green Gas almost since day 1. I was originally using it with propane, but the field that opened near me doesn't allow propane in their facility, so that's when I made the switch. So pretty much those entire 20,000+ rounds were shot on Green Gas. Pretty shocking, eh?
  14. It did leave a little bit of residue when I last saw it, but it's nothing that a rag and some rubbing alcohol couldn't take care of. If you order the SOCOM from them, they have a promotion with free shipping at the moment. The gun costs $499 on their site, which is a steal since shipping from Japan is included in that price. And the shipping really is ridiculously fast. I ordered my RE M9 late on a Thursday night, and it arrived the following Tuesday. You should definitely go for it. Edit - Didn't see that this had another page. The black silicone just peels right off. It's really e
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