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  1. The rail looks like a slightly bulkier version of the rail on the Sig GSR. Maybe if you backed the tension-screw out far enough it might fit a form holster designed for that pistol.
  2. You and me, both. The first drum-mag was bought just so the gun would be usable in games until I built a sufficient supply of lo-caps (ran the gun with 8 lo-caps at LC7). The second one came with the gun (bought used). Never really liked the look of the Vz61, and never thought I'd buy one... This purchase was purely based on practicality. At the time, I was mostly in command and/or game staff roles - so I spent a lot more time reading maps and talking on the radio than I did pulling the trigger. My prefered PDW (TM MP7) was too high-speed for Comm Bloc/VC/insurgent impressions, so I boug
  3. The 4.6x30mm has about 1/4 the felt recoil of a 9mm (in comparison to an MP5). I've only shot mine on 134a so far, but I imagine that on green it'd be very similar to the real level of felt recoil.
  4. And, with what info people have provided, it looks like 100% of those failures were in guns using green/propane. Just bought one of these on Friday night... Fortunately, until I go back to the states (by which time I'm sure there will be upgraded/replacement parts available), it'll only be run on 134a.
  5. Been a while since I played with one, but I think this has a tiny bit more power than the EBBs I've used in the past. It can go through paper (as evidenced by the target shown above, shot at @4~5m)... But heavy paper, like a shopping bag, will stop the BBs even at muzzle-contact ranges. The BBs are captive. You may have one stray BB fall out if you remove the mag while it it still has BBs in it - but, otherwise, the BBs stay in the gun.
  6. A couple years ago Marui announced their new "Gindan" version springers. These are a line of brightly colored, low-powered, spring-cocking pistols that are clearly intended for the youth market. My reaction, like many, was wondering just what the marketing execs at Marui had been smoking... However, the idea of a double-action springer intrigued me, and the ¥798 price tag (@$8 USD) at my local airsoft shop was just too cheap not to pick one up and see what makes it tick. Long story short, I was pleasantly surprised. Included: In the box is the "Gindan" pistol, 1 magazine, orange
  7. Just curious, but is this problem (split cylinders) happening in both KSC and KWA versions? Would those of you reporting problems kindly let us know which version you have seen having issues?
  8. Oh, I don't know... I think it would compliment my yellow sundress and white pattent-leather pumps just beautifully! Though, I may have to buy a new hat and handbag to really pull it all together. Tee hee hee!
  9. I believe he was talking about the KSC MP9 that someone was wetting themselves over earlier.
  10. If it really bothers you, drop a few quid more and grab a KSC one, instead of the cheaper KWA version. I've yet to see a KSC branded one with the Umarex disclaimers. Lucky me - even though the KSC is a bit more expensive (@$300USD), it's still cheaper than it'd be for me to import a KWA... So I don't have to decide between saving a few bucks or dealing with Umarex butchery
  11. I really like the photos, but would it be at all possible to shrink them a bit? Everytime I try to open this thread on my iPhone the web-browser takes one look at the image size, has a panic attack, and soils itself as it crashes back to the home screen.
  12. Trigger pull weight is about the same at the 1911 (@3~4lbs), but not nearly as crisp. Though, in fairness, the real 5-7s I've shot had pretty mushy triggers too. foe comparison, I'd say the trigger pull on the TM 5-7 is actually very comparable to the trigger pull on TM's Glocks. Haven't yet noticed any trouble spots for wear or durability - it seems quite well built in that regard - but I will update the review if any issues/weaknesses present themselves.
  13. It's the same ABS plastic that TM usually uses... Though, in all honesty, I really haven't seen many durability issues with other TM GBBs. The main reason most people install metal body kits is just for increased realism. Techincally, 26... But the last couple are a real pain in the *albartroth* to cram in there, so I usually leave it at 24.
  14. Here you go... Not really. The blow-back mech takes up most of the rear half of the slide. The front half has a dummy internal frame, but it's made of plastic. However, the entire slide is fairly sturdy and between the barrel and blow-back mech it's pretty close to real weight. An internal metal frame would have likely slowed down the cycling speed and increased gas consumption significantly.
  15. give me a day or two to figure out the new scanner I just bought and I'll upload a scan.
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