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  1. I don't think a high torque motor will do anything at all. Remember that your gearbox has 4 gears instead of three. I have used everything from a 7.2v NiMH to a 3 cell Lipo and the difference in cycle speed is much lower than that of a 3 gear gearbox. I'm sure a Lipo will give you more life than your NiMH (1 MAH NiMH ~1 shot, 1MAH LiPO ~3 shots)
  2. I have the same and it locked up after about 200 shots on a full charge. I think I just didn't press the trigger down all the way... Only had 3 and shot about 1000 rounds or so.
  3. I get lag time on the gearbox more than something with 3 gears, but I can understand... there is a whole lot of torque in there I cleaned my barrel using just clean cotton... absolutely filthy. I can't wait to see how it shoots now. I must say, besides the gearbox lock up and the initial hop up problems, this SVD really grows on you the more you use it. Its a beautiful rifle through and through.
  4. I guess that was misleading. I am shooting 520fps with .20g, which is about 400 with .30s. The spring was a M140 that I cut down about 1.5 cm. I guess I will go clean my barrel again... thoroughly. e: What do you use to clean the barrel Utty? Alcohol? Nothing?
  5. Well, I spent two solid days skirmishing with my SVD. I am used to the weight now which while being heavy is not that bad (even on a two day operation). I experienced the gearbox lock up twice during the first day which I never had before... I attributed it to not pulling the trigger all the way on double taps (the gearbox cycles slower than what I am used to). Still, considering that I had a MOFSET and 3 cell battery installed it was a real downer. Now RS is launching a V2 that makes it esier to fix, but does not adress the actual problem.... I think I am going to contact RS and ask if they c
  6. Or you can get yourself a MOFSET for about $10 more and never worry about it again This man speaks the truth. 4x is just fine, but some people have issues with the eye relif. This becomes more a personal issue and how you like to play. On another note, counterassasin, how many rounds have you gone through? It would be nice to know when I should be checking my own unit for wear and tear. e: If you have the cash consider getting an adjustable scope. Being able to go from something like 8-3x will allow you to be flexible and find your own comfort level at the same time.
  7. That should fit. For around 450-500fps something around .30g seems like a popular choice (I use them also). Check out the sniper threads for more info on bbs.
  8. I also recommend the black fishbone nub/spacer. I think there are quite a few of us in this thead that had their double feeding issues fixed with this unit.
  9. Funny you mention it, that's what happened with me and the SVD I own now Still no regrets. Hopefully it will stay that way. Did I mention that the mags are rock solid?
  10. In other words, don't get your hopes up. Its going to be a while. I just received some magazines I ordered about 3 months ago.
  11. ^^My shark hop works well. I am excited to see how it compares to what you have been using. I played my first serious all day skirmish today. I played 7 games on a map that wasn't very friendly for long range rifles and discouraged very much moving. Observations: -People like to check it out. Most don't even know about real sword -Cheekpiece comes off with a hard enough 'bump'. This will need to be fixed so I don't have to constantly check it. -POSP 4x24 M is more than sufficient for airsoft games. Rubber eyepiece is fun to use, but isn't needed. -Unlike AKs, twisti
  12. Agreed, what did you use for the color and what about the butt stock? I tried to get you to tell me before I butchered mine, but this way you can have the best looking RS SVD on Arnies
  13. For me the RS SVD is like the G&G M14 back when it first came out (except better). Its solid, has great internals, and shoots 430fps out of the box, its good gun. I have played around with getting AEGs to push 500fps before, and none of them were as easy to do this with as the RS SVD. You just need a spring and it will happily push 600fps with a 9.8v. Its made for it, quite literally. But if I have install a new hop up, new spring, better precision barrel, MOFSET, LIPO etc. I can make it perform even better
  14. Infected mofset with active breaking.
  15. Slapped in a mad bull fish bone hop up and PDI 260 (cut down about 250mm). Cranks out 515 +- 3fps. With .30g its quite good. Here are my test results: 40x 40cm target at 40meters: 9 out of 10 hit with .30g bbs 40x 40cm target at 60meters: 4 out of 10 hit with .30g bbs The PSO scope is actually quite nice at longer ranges. If you fit a person's torso into the chevrons it compensates for your shots at that distance (slight lob). Its also very nice that the hop unit has 'click' increments. This makes adjusting the hop and the scope much more intuitive. Conclusions from my tinkering:
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