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  1. My KJW SIG (licensed) P229 Begadi custom. I polished the chamber and some of the edges, as well as the barrel spring and the edges around the chamber guide to give it a used but I need do some more.
  2. Oh dude thank you so much. I always looked at my profil
  3. Will they be cheaper than the Magpuls? Chris, you will see lotse lotse trigger guards
  4. Hey guys, guess I'm too stupid. Where can I find the option to select/activate an avatar? I do have a "personal picture" but that's not the one that appears under my nickname. Sorry for the dumb question.
  5. Ah thanks, now I got it! I thought he was talking about shooting drills at the range including tactical mag changes or something. Thanks for the headsup!
  6. Why should somebody change a magazine that is not empty anyway? Long story short, if you notice that your mag is empty because the bolt catch engages there is no BB in either the magazine or the barrel left. "Tactical reloads" is when you dump the magazine on the ground, right? I wouldn'T recommend doing that with blow back magazines.
  7. Yeah we had that about 10 posts ago I was doing that whe I noticed this: Is it normal that gas can actually leak through the bolt carrier ?
  8. Well, you simply can open the reciever, pull the hammer bank, fire a blank shot and you're good to go. (For the time being)
  9. Wow thanks a lot, I wanted to take my M4 to the test today, but I guess I will head to the hardware store instead.
  10. If you look at the inside of the back end of the upper RIS part you see a grove (where the the barrelnut fits in) and 2 small bolt inside that groove at about 11 and 1 o'clock. I think these bolts are too thin, so there's some play between the bolts and the gaps in the barrel nut. What I did is I put some slices of tape onto these bolts. When you reapply the RIS you have to press it down fairly hard to make the teeth of the barrelnut "bite" into the tape. I can take a picture of it later on when I come home. Yeah they also made the charging handle $13.50, origi
  11. You can get RS pistolgrips at any firearm onlinestore. And I also think the AEG gris won't fit on the WE because the holes for the screws are in different positions.
  12. So, this is my M4 as it looks today. Still to come are a Ergo grip, Magpul trigger guard and a CTR stock. This is the ebaybanned $40 D'Boys RIS btw and it does indeed wooble without modifications. Roughly about 1mm to left and right. I applied some scotch tape to the groove on the inside of the top part of the RIS which sits on the barrel nut and now it's solid as a rock. But for some reason my bolt catch doesn't work properly. Well, acutally it does when I push down the bolt catch with my finger, but the pin or the spring inside the magazine seems to
  13. EB is selling a new D'Boys RIS. Do you guys think it will fit onto the WE without major modification? http://ebaybanned.com/product_info.php?products_id=2039
  14. wow, that looks sweet. The M4 is going to hit the german market within the next 2 weeks I think and I need to get prepaired About the D'Boys RIS, those are good news, that's exactly what I'm looking for. I'm not thrilled about spending $150 bucks on a real steal RIS or hurricane or whatever. I'd rather have both the Magpul hand guard and a cheap RIS for even less money. I really appreciate your help guys. Does anybody a british bases retailer who offers the magpul handguard?
  15. cool. but you had to remove to front sight, right? I always refused putting a hammer to my guns.. Anybody ever thought of using the magpul MOE Hand Guard?
  16. Hi guys! First post. Can somebody please tell me which RIS in the mid price range fits the M4 best? I'd love to get one I can simply substitute with the the original handguard without having to remove the front sight. greets from germany. e: oh, it says germany right away from my profil
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