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  1. Frapiscide

    Glock Picture Thread

    Hey, rom, do you know if it's possible to fit meprolight/Trijicon sights (both front and rear) onto a TM G17?
  2. Frapiscide

    Glock Picture Thread

    Here are some crappy pictures... Man! I really need to ditch my crappy camera on my phone and get a digital camera! Note: Everything has a white (almost foggy looking) look because the lens over my camera phone is really scratched. Parts: Aluminum CNC Shuey Custom slide As far as i know, internals are stock, with one exception Guarder recoil spring Shooter's design magwell If i can, I'll try to install the Guarder 150% hammer spring, but i can't get a screw out... Is it possible to fit Meprolight sights onto a Tokyo Marui G17 with little to no modifications? Or would it be better to use Trijicons? (by better, i mean easier to install)
  3. Frapiscide

    Glock Picture Thread

    And here are some more. Parts include: Shuey Custom slide + barrel (obviously not two tone) shooter's design magwell stippled frame (it's the stock frame modified) Guarder recoil spring And if I'm in a good mood, i might try to install the 150% hammer spring as well. I'm not sure if the rest of the internals are stock or what. I got mine off of Redwolf Airsoft Here's the site: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=25460 Also, is there supposed to be a grinding/rubbing noise with the guarder recoil spring? The stock spring moved without any noise. And is the barrel (external one) supposed to be so loose?
  4. Frapiscide

    Glock Picture Thread

    Well, here are some pictures of my TM Glock 17. Sorry for the crappy quality, all i was able to use was my 1.3 megapixel camera on my phone .

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