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    Current airsoft guns: M4a1 'MAX' PTW, TM Sig 226 Full metal, TM m14 converted into an M21, CA M249 Mk.II

    Past guns: Lots, G36c, RPK, SVD, AKS-47, AK-47, M733, SR-16, m40a1, mk.23, mp5a5, MG36, Mp5SD6 some others I forget :P
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  1. I ment images built into the forums. Such as stars under names, images for new posts, replies, etc.
  2. All im seeing on where there is a place to put an image is things like <{F_Nav)> etc..
  3. Unable to change my avatar, it's scaled to the right size, as well, I've tried uploading it in both a jpg file and gif file. Is it me? or does anyone else have this problem? It just squished my current avatar down to the size of my new one..
  4. It has a 26 round magazine, and it typically will fire (at full power) for around 30-32 shots, then you have to refill it.
  5. Ah... I thought he was going up to the two string model.
  6. There's rumors floating around of a new John Lu event happening in Texas at Ft. Hood. Rumors -but possibility. Irene IV will probably take place at Zuessman again, or so it looks like it. And I won't be disapointed in going back there again And the AE/WE Irene III pistols kick *albatross*... picked one up my self too
  7. The event was beyond words in awesomeness. I have some pictures of It I'll post up later. For all of those who want to see more pictures as well: www.oplionclaws.com has them in the gallery -plus in the forums under Irene III. Cheers! Hope to see some of you guys out there soon. Fox
  8. Everything with exception to the rear stock is pretty much do-able. Now the outerbarrel looks a little longer then normal - so that might need to be made, but any machine shop could do it. The rear stock though is real-steel only. Hurricane SR-47 kit would bring you a real close, mod the mag well as needed to fit the STAR/Soon to be Guarder 74 magazines.
  9. Grips not the same, scopes not the same, mount is not the same, even the front foregrip isn't the same. (note: make in plastic)
  10. Thats what the trade marks on it say. Right above where the heat shield covers it says JAC MFG. you tell me.. I thought it was SP.
  11. Nah, TM with a Hurricane body and a JAC M203
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