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  1. Schnazel

    KSC HK45 (Japanese version)

    Hey, one post before I wrote how to get rid of the problem with ksc and kwa guns. It worked on 5 guns so far, never had a problem any more. Try it out, if you have the problem!
  2. Schnazel

    KSC HK45 (Japanese version)

    Hello! As to the double feed issue on the KWA and KSC HK45s. That problem can in fact ne resolved. 1. take a fine sandpaper and grind the feedramp of the gun 2. take out the magazine and remove the feed lips 3. grind down approx half a mm on top of the follower, notice: make it so, that the angle of the follower is not anymore forward in direction of the barrel, but backwards in the direction of the vent 4. take the feedlips and look at the top of them where the bbs are being pushed at from the spring (directly upward). Take a sharp screwdriver and grind the BB contour that is there a little bit deeper The error occures not on all guns but on many, specifially with high power gases or in high temperatures. Its a magazine related problem - but as you can see, its taks 5 minutes to resolve it. I have fixed 4 KWA HK 45s this way. All work flawlessly since the fix and Iam an airsoft player not a collector.
  3. *fruitcage*, did post this in the wrong section. Can someone move it to the general forums please? Hello, I have a question or two regarding the KWA lm4 (or its KSC counterpart). The KWA as the KSC have been around for I while and now there is even the mega arms lm4 (different furniture, but inside its an lm4). I'am eager to buy me a kwa lm4, because I quite like their pistols and smgs and already owned a few of those which performed flawlessly. The point is: I'am not able to find a profound review of it on the internet - its either some advertising stuff or some bashig vids, nothing I have a feeling I can rely on. (or even I'am just too blind). Then theres the kwa forum, where there is often an issue with double feeds and I experienced that on the KWA ak74, too. Overall on the first glimpse it seems so, as the lm4 is not very accurate und is prone to double feed issues. but is this true? I owned several WE m4 gbbrs, which I found quite mediocre, King arms m4 gbbr, which was ok but tends to break its nozzle, had hands on g&p and found it way overprized and wa which sucks in my opinion. Atm I got a KJW m4gbb, which I think performs quite nice and I like the design choice of the v1 I own: functionality over realism. Thats the point I dont like at first glance: the lm4 being a somewhat resemblance to the WA system rather like the more functioning design like the kjw v1 (the v2 is a backstep in my opinion). So: is the KWa LM4 worth it? I dont care about externals and overall finish or milspec ###### - I want a gun I dont have to mess around with endlessly to perform as expected - which my current kjw does (Ratech HU and TDC mod, else stock). In this regards I also am concerned because the lm4 has a steel bolt which might be quite heavy... Can it compete with the KJW in terms of reliability and HU consistency? FPS consistency seems quite good, as what I saw,yet. Thank you for your patience. I'am sorry if this is a boring topic but I dont find my questions well answered, yet. Regards, Marcel

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